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Where Have All the Ladies Gone

We are studying Beowulf in english. It could be an interesting story if told right. Sadly it wasn't but now I have a pretty doodle! This actually spawned from my teacher discussing different was to anylize text, one being the feminist aproch. Thinking of the sterotypical feminist I relized "Hey, there are no chicks in this story!" (uless you count the kings wife but she's a pansy). So I doodled a chick waiting in Hrothgar's mead hall, waiting for Grendel. Now a whole comic idea has come to life that I might start. But for now enjoy the ball-point pen goodness. :)
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This is really amazing for 'just a doodle' Melanie. :3 Her pose looks great, and I really love all of the detail you put into her fabrics. Awesome work!
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very very nice--I find my self doing the same things..only mine are uninspired..I doodle during political science...
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Wow I can't believe you call this a doodle!... Awesome.
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I love it. My only comments are that her right eye looks a bit off (I think it's the shadow; maybe I'm just not used to seeing shadows there?), and in my humble opinion it'd be cooler if she had a huge longbow than an albeit-very-spiffy shortbow. :)
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I think I will give her a longer bow but I drew the whole think in pen so I couldn't go back and fix things (might explain the eye also). Thanks very for the comment and fav! :)
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We were discussing the fact that a.) It was Hrothgar's wife that thanked Beowulf, and that for some reason, the king couldn't do that, suggesting female power. And, at the beginning of the fight with Grendel, Hrothgar has to seek his wife's bed, so therefore it appears that she has the power to refuse him. I don't know, but somehow after that we got on the topic of legalized prostitution...don't ask me what that has to do with English :). Love ya! :glomp:

PS Wonderful job as usual, and I was able to pick out your drying painting in the hall. Good job!
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Haha! Your english class sounds like so much fun. :D And thank you. :)
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Ya know, Beowulf wasn't that bad of a story.
I agree, there should have been more women, but no, of course there aren't.

Lovely my dear.
She is kick-butt-cool.
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I like the story but the way it was told bugged me, I guess I'm just picky. :)
And thanks babe. :hug:
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