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Where Have All the Ladies Gone



We are studying Beowulf in english. It could be an interesting story if told right. Sadly it wasn't but now I have a pretty doodle! This actually spawned from my teacher discussing different was to anylize text, one being the feminist aproch. Thinking of the sterotypical feminist I relized "Hey, there are no chicks in this story!" (uless you count the kings wife but she's a pansy). So I doodled a chick waiting in Hrothgar's mead hall, waiting for Grendel. Now a whole comic idea has come to life that I might start. But for now enjoy the ball-point pen goodness. :)
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This is really amazing for 'just a doodle' Melanie. :3 Her pose looks great, and I really love all of the detail you put into her fabrics. Awesome work!