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Just a small skin I made. It was just for my use but I thought I'd share it anyway Wink/Razz 
You can edit the colour by going to BoldClock/Resources/

The wallpaper:…

The VS:…

The start orb:…

The icons:
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Is this working for you guys ? The minutes font is ok, but the hours one it's not the one in the screenshot above.
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How do you mean? What does the hours one look like? I can't give you any advice atm but you could try:
-  Removing and re-installing the skin
-  Enabling D2D rendering in the options when you right click the skin
-  Making sure that the Resources\Fonts folder contains the fonts found in the skin .ini file
-  Try using a different variant of the skin (if this works then it is a bug that Iwill need to fix)
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I must say that looks simply cool!