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Water trees

"The smell of wet dirt is almost overpowering as he walks through a enormous hollowed out trunk. From somewhere high up above water pours down, forming countless streams. that meander and flow into unknown passages underground. He wonders if he'd jump into one of those streams if the trees would spit him out at the top. Well for that to happen he'd have to be able to hold his breath for at least a good long while! So perhaps he wont give that a try today and instead keeps his feet on the moss, continuing south...that way. No, no, that's not south, the bark is all mossy on this side. You see you can determine which way is south by looking at what side the moss grows on the trees , the mossy side indicates north! But, all of these trees are covered with moss on all sides. Well, suppose things will get all sorted out after a nice nap."
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God...beautiful work here
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this is so beautifulLove Clap 
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Jesus, the resolution on this thing. Absolutely gorgeous!
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Stunning! The details are super!
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It's so faery! I can hardly stop watching it
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Holy Moses...! You've literally created something I've seen in my dreams...Like, really on point. I've had dreams of trees pooling with waterfalls and springs from their treetops or hollows. I'm really glad I got to see this...It's wonderful.
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So wonderful style!
Beautiful piece.
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I love the colours
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Great composition and colors! Keep up the good work :) 
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This is very beautiful, good work.
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so beautiful, real Grimm atmosphere.
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If there was a digital achievement for drawing forests then you just unlocked it with this masterpiece!
ThemeFinland's avatar
I can almost hear that xbox achievement unlocked sound effect!
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this is incredible!
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Seems like an enchanted place! :wow:
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wonderful story to go with evocative scene
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what an amazing forest
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