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We have made great progress on our research in understanding this new organism that doctor Londanum has come to call "amalgamate". Our research has confirmed that this organism uses other animals, plants and even people to reproduce. This reproduction happens in a way that is akin to small microbial organisms such as bacteria. The whole amalgamate seems to be formed from billions of almost identical cells which seem to change their structure from time to time whenever it consumes something new. These cells seem to consume everything they can and in the process of doing so will multiply. This is what causes the things it consumes to seemingly "transform" when the amalgamate cells replace the consumed organisms original cellular structure. It seems that the amalgamate has a tendency to attempt to mimic the original design of the organism it consumed. Doctor Londanum has made their hypothesis on this matter, she hypothesized that this is its way of evolving. Without a deeper knowledge on the organism's behavior, Londanums hypothesis seems plausible.


This method of reproduction may be why the organism managed to spread so fast from its initial contact point. Indeed, the pace at which it consumes matter is quite alarming and if it were allowed to run rampant, I shudder to think of the consequences. I feel that we are not taking the correct precautions right now when we are dealing with this organism. I have this growing sense of dread that even keeping a live sample of it may be far too dangerous, let alone the amount of it that may be still out in the wild. For now however we have to study it to understand how it functions so we can deal with it in the cleanest way possible. I feel that weaponizing our nuclear matter again may be the best option right now, unless we manage to find a cleaner solution to this problem.


The amalgamates behavior is quite interesting in captivity. The live sample we have grown here has shown to go into a mode hibernation of sorts when its habitat is undisturbed. If the amalgamate had assumed a mobile form previously its structure will slowly collapse, making it seem like it melts back into the basic viscous form in which it is most commonly found in. When its habitat becomes disturbed it will create various more solid forms from itself to entangle and constrict its prey. After this the same scenario always plays out, wherein the amalgamate drags its prey into itself for consumption. Then it will dissolve the victims form while simultaneously constructing a new one on top of it. The time it takes for it to do this depends on the size of its victim and the amount of amalgamate present. After the prey has been consumed fully, the amalgamate seems to observe its surroundings, and after a short while it deconstructs itself once again.


*As a footnote I would like to mention Doctor Londanums mental and physical state as of 23.4.2054. She has been working almost nonstop in the amalgamate laboratory, often working day and night with minimal sleep and food. She has an extraordinary mind and she is to credit for a large part of our research. Yesterday when I gave her a worrying glance, she assured me that she functions best while under such pressure. I just do not know if I can trust her word when I see a glint of madness in her eyes.



Today when we went to experiment with the amalgamate once more we noticed a distinct decrease in its mass. Londanum theorized that it could be due to the small particles it has begun to emit. We hadn’t noticed it before, but after a few days the air in the chamber the amalgamate resides in has clearly become contaminated by something. We will take greater precautions with it from now on so none of the particles manage to get out.


The stress is clearly taking its toll as people have become more and more sensitive and irritated. Londanum is still working with her somewhat isolationist working methods which is upsetting some of us. She has called me to try to establish some unity within our group, I agreed. This is not the time for us to be bickering with ourselves. We need to work as one and I think it would help if Doctor Londanum shared more of her findings with us too.


Doctor Londanum went on a somewhat lengthy ramble on the subject of how marvelous the amalgamate is. It is understandable that to witness something like this could be exciting for some scientists, but her speech really unnerved some of the others in our group. This is an apocalyptic situation we are in and it would seem she is making light of the situation. She really needs to take more breaks and have better rest.



Doctor Londanum called sick today and didn’t come to work. I don’t think she left her chamber today at all, not even to eat. Her condition is quite worrying, but I feel we are all hanging on a thread here due to the pace we have to work in. I also overheard some of the other scientists gossiping about her, so her call for more unity in our group would probably make us all more productive. However I feel she has to change herself and her habits before this unity she so highly spoke of could be achieved.

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