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The holy city of Setara [commission]

By ThemeFinland
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Cityscape commission for a client for their project. Thinking of doing a cityscape yourself? It will take about twice more time than you expect it to! This was good experience for a person as averse about painting cities as me:)
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Woaaahhhh!!!!! <3 love it

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Hola campeón, me gusta tu trabajo, cuanto cobra por comisión, estoy buscando a alguien para trabajar en la creación de una novela y necesito varias ilustraciones.

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Marvelous work! I love the feel of the mountains looming just out of sight, as depicted by the shadows.  Very effective overall 'real' feel of everything in the picture.  At first glance I did think it was an aerial view of the land below. :thumbsup::)!!!
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holy wow, it just... looks like something from a movie, it looks like its own world, marvelous
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Cool! Reminds me of Atlantis!
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I've always loved looking at cityscapes!

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Vau... :O_o: On kyllä komea kaupunki. :nod:
Todella hienosti jaettu osiin, ja nuo neljä pyramidia sekä temppeli toimivat loistavina maamerkkeinä. :thumbsup::D
Ja mainiota työtä yksityiskohtien kanssa, olen erityisen vakuuttunut tuosta liikennöidystä pääväylästä. ;-)
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Kiitos kiitos :) tuo kaupungin koon viestittäminen oli todellakin melko hankalaa, varsinkin kun tilaaja halusi lintuperspektiivin ja tästä syystä perspektiivin avulla ei oikein voinut näyttää kaupungin kokoa!
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Good lord.. How long did this take?
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Whao pretty impressive!
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I've always loved looking at cityscapes!
I really like the colors!

GOD bless
John 3:16
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This reminds me of Ba Sing Se from ATLA.
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Stunningly beautiful and amazing design on the architect of the city
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Awesome, very Atlantean, 
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this is really beautiful :O
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Stunningly Beautiful
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Is this inspired by descriptions of Atlantis?
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Truly amazing work here. 
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This is quite amazing! Breathtaking beautiful!
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“On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.”
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Attack on Titan is that you?
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I though so too :P
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That's mindblowingly good. If those 4 pyramids are the same size as the great pyramid in Giza then that large temple would be gigantic :)

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