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"In time the parasitoids became a nigh accepted fact in the less monitored regions. Mind, they were not prevalent, but still prevalent enough that one had to be mindful of the fact that at any moment a cloaked vessel could ram into your ship and the parasitoids would pour in. In time also the parasitoids began to change shapes, more and more different forms of them were sighted, some serving very specific niches in either their own hives upkeep or in assaults onto uninfested ships.

After the infestation and capture of one of the flagships of the united space faring peoples, the parasitoids now held a vessel which could not be destroyed with standard ship weapons. Despite this, they seemed to steer clear of the more populated areas and stayed in the silent sectors. This massive ship would float idly there, but the interior of it was more alive than ever with alien life.

It is indeed a slim chance, considering the vastness of space, but occasionally, when a ship is trying to fly under the radar and passing through these silent sectors they may be intercepted by a massive flagship vessel. Some would stop and give themselves to the law, assuming they have been caught, but strangely there would never be a transmission from the flagship. Baffled and waiting for a transmission, the small escape pods would be within seconds of arriving to the intercepted ship, inside them a payload of parasitoid hunters and dozens of various smaller forms."
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I really like this creature design. Given the description, I assume we are seeing the inside of this stolen ship? And what are those tentacles for? Despite these questions going without answers, there is just something really compelling about the design. Kind of like what I imagine D&D drakes would look like in a sci-fi setting. In any case, great work!