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Hillside cabin

"Northern Alluvia is filled with smatterings of small villages and towns, usually inhabited by northern dragonoids, humans sometimes appear in them too, but they are very rare, as they tend to keep to themselves on the plains to the east. Sometimes their secularism turns them into myths, of shadowy figures moving across the land silently in the distance. It is however not uncommon to come across homes that have been abandoned, especially in the mountains and hills, where many solitude souls live. These abandoned cabins can be a nice change of pace for those who wander there, albeit a bit unnerving too, as the interiors of these cabins would tell tales of someone who is not here anymore. Some believe that these cabins should be left as is, as not to disturb their previous inhabitant, but those with a more pragmatic approach see these cabins as nothing more than free housing for the night or even longer."
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this reminds me of a location i have in my fictional universe called the savage hills except deaming with cold northern winds and long destroyed dwarven karaks

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Wonderful work!
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Outstanding work !!
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I'm in wonderland - this is gorgeous!
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Love the angles and perspective on this
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Really nice. I especially love the clouds and the angle of the painting.

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Jösses, kun on komiata!
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saved for my desktop wallpaperLove Love Love Love 
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now this is world building
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wow looks amazing and beautiful 
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I liked a lot this pretty and peaceful place!  [COMM] Pepsiiholicc 
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Dude, you deserve a job making art for Magic the Gathering cards
Beautiful and Enchanting
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Beautiful . The composition is Abit weird but oddly setisfying
I think it still looks gorgeous.
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So dragonoids live in these mountainous cabins, but humans are mythological creatures from the east?  Nice turnaround in mythology.
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I do like the majestic yet tranquil feeling this painting gives me. Great job on this piece! :D
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