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Forgotten grave

"An old grave stands on a hill, nothing more but a rubble of rocks after decades of decay. The name of the person buried there long forgotten into the pages of history. Indeed they likely were a hero of some decree, but the winds of time likely swept them onto the wrong side of history. One who can be a hero now, very well may become the villain once the next chapter of the bygone times is written."
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this is litteraly breath taking.
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this is amazing, i can feel the wind
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I need to try something like this.
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Good morning, Beautiful View!!!!!!!.
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Very great work :la:
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Now I want to know! Argh!
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Awesome! Have a nice day! :D
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I can't find the right words for this. But a very neat piece!

And, on a side note.... reminiscent of the spire set upon one world in the most recent Battlestar Galactica series. Said spire pointed the way to the Thirteenth colony.
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Really love the colours in this one; the stark contrasts between the orange grass and the slate rocks against the blue cloudy sky really help it pop out. :thumbsup:
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Cheers Hexit :) I think orange is starting to become one of my favorite colors in landscape painting :) It just vibes so well with a blue sky!
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