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Flood pure form

Welp, I decided to do another quick thing for the flood, as I was feeling inspired by it. This time it is of the pure form of the flood, the scariest form of the flood you fight in halo 3, basically it can 1 hit kill you in some cases and worse yet it can spawn more infection forms from itself.
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Wow. That's scary, horrible, and disgusting. ... I like it!
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And can change into three different flood form types to wreck you from any angle. This thing was what made me afraid of the flood back when Halo 3 first came out.
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Oh yeah, that too. that spiker form they have is absolutely terrifying, instakills out of nowhere.
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this is amazing, i think you should check out our Contest
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Dang, that is huge.
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Oh the memories, all the run and shotgun memories. Those things still give me the willies.
The-Draconic-Artist's avatar
Loving the flood pics!

Really being back memories xD.

Horrible being bludgeoned to death memories xD
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Haha, totally! Nothing worse than clearing out a room and then seeing one of these things spitting out more of the infection forms to resurrect the things you just killed :P
The-Draconic-Artist's avatar
Yeah now I'm having Vietnam flashbacks...

XD brilliant enemy though
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