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"How...I couldn't phatom they would be so huge."
"Yeeeah, well, they all say that when they see 'em at first, I recon. A reeeal wonder to behold, eeeyup."
"Why, a few million tonnes must come out from this one alone. The force released from them must really be something during an exhaustion"
"Eyyp, sure is, you should see it in action, it's enough to change a man, but ye don't want to be around here when that happens, eh? Ehheheh! Say, what do they tell you in those books nowadays, I recon you should know all this by now, or maybe ya done did skip class one times too many. Wouldn't blame ye, wouldn't be the first one, eh? KHeehehe"
"Right. But seeing it in person really puts those numbers into perspective, you don't really think of numbers like that when you see them in a computer."
"Eeehh, whatever ya say inspecta'"
"...So, what do you do around here, on a daily basis, I mean?"
"Weeell, aint nothin' much to it, suppose you could call me an' inspecta' of inspecta's. Check up on things before ya higher ups get yer noses into them, eh? "
"A site manager?"
" Weeell, something like that, yea, we could go wit' site manager. Oh and mista' ser insepcta', I will land you down into that there tube over there so ya can do yer thing, whatever it is. I'll be here to pick ye up in 2 sectors flat, I'll wait around fer 5 minutes and if ye arent around by then ye'll get to see first hand what these things look like when they go boom, eh? Kheehehe. See ya later, inspectah'!"
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