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Eastern dragonoids

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'Now, impress me, whelp.'

Eastern dragonoids live on the eastern coast of the continent where they have lived for centuries in isolation, waging war with themselves. Some believe they are an ancient species of the dragonoids, going back to the age of the pure dragons. What gives this thought the most credibility is the fact that around one in hundred of the eastern dragonoids are born with wings.

They are a race of unquestionable rigorous self improvers a concept wherein their culture is heavily based on. Competitions and proving oneself are a common occurrence which makes them a race that is very proud, and oftentimes arrogant, of themselves. This makes the eastern dragonoids cold towards outsiders of their society who have not proven themselves. Other dragonoid species are treated slightly better however as they see those without the dragon blood and visage as lesser species. It is very difficult for an outsider to get inside their society as to become accepted it requires one to accomplish several feats of might and success within their competitions to be acknowledged.

Adolescents are sent to neighboring tribes to prove themselves through various feats of power. The purpose of this is to show respect and simultaneously to make the neighboring tribe more reluctant to attack. The most disgraceful thing anyone can do in these displays is to challenge someone younger than you as the adolescents are expected to challenge those older than them and not the other way around.

The eastern dragonoids are naturally very attuned to magic and do not hesitate to use it in displays of power. Because of this, few abundant points of power exist within their territory, however they have seemed to be able to realize methods to regain magic by other means through powerful individuals who have deceased. Their fighting style revolves largely around unarmed combat, relying only on their claws, tails and hardy scales to beat their opponents. When fighting or heading to battle they do not wear any clothes or any other equipment on them as they believe they should be able to overcome anything that comes their way with their own bodies and nothing else. Gods and deities in their society are merely considered things to be overcome and challenged, no matter how much respect they may have for them."
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