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July 19, 2021
Dragon Lycanthrope by ThemeFinland
Featured by TsaoShin
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Dragon Lycanthrope


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" It was assumed lycanthropy could only infect humans, but soon we realized that it could afflict other humanoids too. And then we realized this plague could spread into non-humans as well."

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OMG 😳 LOVE THIS PAINITINGGG. U did a great job. πŸ’›πŸ’›. Btw, plz check my artwork. πŸ˜… I hope we can chat sometime

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LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

Night of the weredragon!

ElisaMikoArt's avatar

I absolutely love this idea and it's execution. Brilliant, I say! Brilliant!

loverofcarnage's avatar

Looks more like a dragon with rabies than one with lycanthropy. Nonetheless, the concept is terrifying. Might be that huamniods turn into superpowered wolf-hybrids while bestial-bodied sentients like dragons just turn feral and have increased constitution and strength (nothing beyond their species limits, though)

Also, Wizards of the Coasts should make a lycan-themed campaign where lycanthropy effects non-human pcs with monster entries for werewolfs of different race types like werewolf, dwartf, werewolf, human and so on. a dragonborn werewolf would look interesting.

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Holy sh** I would not want to meet that in a dark ally way. Hey @SampleDragon friend of yours ;) Just Kidding My friend sample dragon is a big dragon nut like myself Agreed with @XenoTeeth3 could make a neat movie concept.

loverofcarnage's avatar

Would have to be a very large alley way for that beast :D

Starbear39's avatar

Lol yeah would have to be at that things size yikes still nicely dine though.

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Starbear39's avatar

Knew you would like :D

XenoTeeth3's avatar

Cool and interesting . This could work for a fun movie idea

Were-Dragon or a Dragon Werewolf?

PixiePowderPuff's avatar

Awesome dragon! Love the design and your linework! great stuff!

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Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Werewolf dragon? Yes please 😊

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MethusulaComics's avatar

awesome! the perfect combination of might and nightmare fuel.

Say goodbye to your life

L0c0Queenie96's avatar

this needs to be put on canvas and framed!! 😍😍😍😍😍

JEart94's avatar

This is bad ass looking. Excellent artwork.

Tinselfire's avatar

Doggy <3

Sorry about the short comment, but this is just totally adorable. Looks just like he wants a big tennis ball.

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