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July 19, 2021
Dragon Lycanthrope by ThemeFinland
Featured by TsaoShin
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Dragon Lycanthrope


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" It was assumed lycanthropy could only infect humans, but soon we realized that it could afflict other humanoids too. And then we realized this plague could spread into non-humans as well."

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NicTomahawk's avatar

Great, just when Dragons couldn't get even more OP.

WOSAJ's avatar

this was drawn by a brilliant artist!

TsaoShin's avatar

This piece is so incredible

girlfr1end's avatar

nice! this is so cool

gunsmokeandghouls's avatar

love the idea, and the angle you used.

Isaacphotos88's avatar

that is awesome.

Toranium's avatar

OMG 😳 LOVE THIS PAINITINGGG. U did a great job. 💛💛. Btw, plz check my artwork. 😅 I hope we can chat sometime

Guilty-10-Games's avatar
LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

Night of the weredragon!

ElisaMikoArt's avatar

I absolutely love this idea and it's execution. Brilliant, I say! Brilliant!

loverofcarnage's avatar

Looks more like a dragon with rabies than one with lycanthropy. Nonetheless, the concept is terrifying. Might be that huamniods turn into superpowered wolf-hybrids while bestial-bodied sentients like dragons just turn feral and have increased constitution and strength (nothing beyond their species limits, though)

Also, Wizards of the Coasts should make a lycan-themed campaign where lycanthropy effects non-human pcs with monster entries for werewolfs of different race types like werewolf, dwartf, werewolf, human and so on. a dragonborn werewolf would look interesting.

Starbear39's avatar

Holy sh** I would not want to meet that in a dark ally way. Hey @SampleDragon friend of yours ;) Just Kidding My friend sample dragon is a big dragon nut like myself Agreed with @XenoTeeth3 could make a neat movie concept.

loverofcarnage's avatar

Would have to be a very large alley way for that beast :D

Starbear39's avatar

Lol yeah would have to be at that things size yikes still nicely dine though.

SampleDragon's avatar
Starbear39's avatar

Knew you would like :D

XenoTeeth3's avatar

Cool and interesting . This could work for a fun movie idea

JJWS-92's avatar

Were-Dragon or a Dragon Werewolf?

PixiePowderPuff's avatar

Awesome dragon! Love the design and your linework! great stuff!

Kyouken0w0's avatar
Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Werewolf dragon? Yes please 😊

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