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Gaster Blaster

I thought it would be cool to try to make a 3D version of a Gaster Blaster, so I started sketching a reference image to use in the program, but had too much fun with it so now it's a blueprint. Doubles as a nice desktop wallpaper. :'D

I need to learn how to use Blender anyway, so enjoy!

EDIT: here is a Wingdings key for those of you who want to know what it says. I really don't remember. :?…

© TheMeekWarrior
Gaster Blaster & Undertale © Toby Fox

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© 2016 - 2021 TheMeekWarrior
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I love the attention to detail, this art is amazing!

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Thank you so much! :)

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Here's a good question.
If Storyswap Asriel had a goner blaster, (hypergoner gb) would it look more like a gaster blaster or more like fluffy goat as a blaster?
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You know this is a really good reference to use for anyone who wants to draw a Gaster Blaster.

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I've had several people ask me! I'm glad you think so.

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Ok this is the best design I've seen for one of these...would it be ok to use the picture as a reference for a art project I am working on? I understand if not

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Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply, but please feel free to do so!

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Oof this is such a cool interpretation of the blaster design. Could I possibly get this as a tattoo? I've loved the schematic style of it for years. I totally understand if you're not comfortable with that though

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Hey, that would be amazing! :) The Gaster Blaster is not my property, but please do credit my drawing if you post pictures -- I would love to see this happen! I'm sure Toby Fox would too. :aww:
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Awesome! Thank you so much :y I'll definitely give credit to you for the art and our boy Toby Fox.

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You're welcome! :D Glad to hear!
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This is amazing :3
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You mean the Mii Gunner blast
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tHaT wAs a jOkE mAn.
In Super Smash Bros Ultimate,the Mii Gunner gained a Sans costume which the gun is a small version of the Gaster Blaster.
I know that's a Gaster Blaster
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Yes, I know. Sans Shrug I've been an Undertale fan for quite some years now, so I hope I would know that.
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So awesome and could help me draw my own oc skellys blasters
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Glad you like it! :) I referenced canine and feline skulls for the anatomy as well as the game sprite.
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Ooh thanks for the tip!
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