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do you hear the people sing?
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The Question
The question.
The question that would change my life forever.
The question that would let me see the stars.
The question I dream of hearing.
Come with me?
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 3 5
2012: A Preview Chapter
In the middle of a forest, a group of six kids could be seen crowded around a small fire. They were all covered in mud and dirt, and their clothes were ripped and disheveled. Four of the kids were sitting, moving their heads back and forth like they were watching a tennis match. They were harboring some hope that the other two kids would stop antagonizing each other soon, but until then they would have to wait diligently for the fighting to cease.
Meanwhile, the other two kids, a boy and a girl, were standing, arguing back and forth in hushed whispers. "Look, Sarah, all I'm saying is that my plan makes a lot more sense than yours does," the boy said.  The girl, Sarah, simply gaped at him, wondering how her best friend could be so adamant and act so smug about his decision.  
"Leave the forest?" Sarah practically shouted, before quelling her anger.  "Leave the forest? Maxwell, how could you even suggest something like that?" she hissed. "You are such a hypo
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 1 8
              Welcome to hell. My name is 14F5/3U67, or Sarah, if you prefer. I live in quadrant five of the unknown section, or the 'we have absolutely no idea what to do with you section', as I like it call it. Now then, down to business. If you live here & have found this journal, please give it back. (Keep in mind, when I say please, I mean give it back or I will hunt you down. Then again, considering where I've hidden this thing, you guys finding it is very unlikely.) But if you're new here, this journal is officially yours. Share it with the others to figure out how to survive this hellhole. But if you have found this journal, I'm sorry, because that means we've failed. Nothing has changed, & THEY are still in control. Oh, and one more thing.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 5 8
Title Needed
"Mama, can you sing me a llulaby?"
"Of course sweetie. What do you want me to sing?"
"Can you sing that one you sang at the meadow yesterday?"
". . ."
". . . Are you sure that's the one you want to hear?"
"Yes Mama. Please?"
"A-Alright, sweetheart. Lie down now."
Sunshine & Laughter,
Happiness & Joy
Gave Way To Sorrow
For The Brokenhearted Boy.
She Left Him Lonely
And Cold In The Meadow.
But For Some Reason He Smiled,
And Had Hope For Tomorrow.

"Keep going, Mama."
Sunshine & Laughter,
Happiness & Joy.
The Boy Met Another,
And Another Met The Boy.
They Stayed Together,
For A Very Long Time.
And The Boy Had A Reason,
To Have Hope For Tomorrow.

"Sweetie? Are you asleep?"
". . ."
". . ."
Sunshine & Laughter,
Happiness & Joy.
The Boy Went Off To Fight,
While Another Had His Boy.
And Though Another Cried,
When They Brought Him Back To The Meadow.
She Smiled Through Her Tears,
And Had Hope For Tomorrow.

". . ."
"Goodnight, my child."
Sunshine & Laughter,
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 4 10
Small things, aren't they?
Those tiny little pebbles.
Picked up and taken home by a little girl.
But did you know that they have a secret?
A secret only the dreamers know.
For hidden in these rocks,
Are tiny slivers of gold.
Fragments of beauty, hidden in plain sight.
The little girl can see the gold in the pebbles.
She can hold one up to the sunlight,
And gaze upon the wonders it holds.
She can see the magic in the ordinary,
Can you?
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 5 14
Farewell, my dear friend.
I hate to see you leave me,
Your school sucks.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 2 7
Hope Part Three
Ella was getting frustrated. Derek had been home for two months now, and he still wouldn't talk to her about Iraq. In fact, he barely talked to her at all. Sometimes, it was like she wasn't even there. But she had a feeling that it was all about to change
The mood in the apartment had been lethargic lately. Derek's nightmares left both of them too tired to do anything but lounge around and watch TV. Today, however, was different. Carrying a plate of sandwiches, Ella furtively tiptoed over to the couch where Derek was brooding. "Boo!" she said. Derek, startled by the exclamation, rashly threw out his hand and punched Ella in the stomach. She immediately collapsed on the floor, sandwiches spilling everywhere. "Oh god, I'm so sorry" Derek said, apologizing profusely. He offered Ella a hand up, and she took it. 'He had always had a benign nature, I guess' she thought. "It's okay. I shouldn't have sneaked up on you."
They looked at the sandwiches on the ground. "You know, a judicious old ma
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 4 0
      Ella was awake. It was 5:00 in the morning and she was awake. But these days, that was normal for her. Derek, her boyfriend, was living with her after finally returning home from Iraq.
      Every night, Ella would hear screams coming from her boyfriend's room. She would run into his room and see Derek there, screaming and writhing under his sheets. She would run to his bedside and try to wake him and untangle him from the sheets. At this point, staring wide-eyed at terrifying images only he could see, Derek would burst into tears, clinging to Ella as she rocked him back and forth, back and forth, whispering words of comfort into his ear. Eventually, when his crying subsided, he would fall back asleep due to the undulating motion and comfort.
      Ella would then deftly untangle herself and go back to her room, unable to fall asleep. She would think about how so much has changed since Derek retu
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 3 33
What I Breathe
I don't live on oxygen.
. . .Well, I do, but only in the literal sense.
I live on music.
It keeps me alive.
It's what gets me through the hard times.
Actually, it's what gets me through life, period.
You can always find me singing or dancing.
I say dancing because dance is really just making music with your body.
Without music, I would be a completely different person.
So, what else can I say but this?
Thank you for the music, because without it, I wouldn't exist.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 1 6
For Someone's Birthday by TheMeddler For Someone's Birthday :iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 2 13
A Place to Belong
How come we can never find the perfect place?
A place where we don't have to hide from anybody.
A place where we don't have to be cautious.
A place where we can actually trust people and make real friends.
A place where we can fly without having tests preformed on us.
A place where I can play with Total and Celeste all day.
A place where Gazzy can feel like he doesn't have to protect me all the time.
A place where Nudge can go shopping anytime she wants.
A place where Iggy can be independent.
A place that can make Fang smile.
A place where Max doesn't have to be so stressed out all the time.
Where she can live a normal life.
Where we all can live a normal life.
I think I would like a place like that.
A place where we belong.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 1 8
He wanted to die.
All of his friends were dead, his family had kicked him out, and nobody smiled at him anymore.
That's why he lived, you know; to make people smile.
If he couldn't do that, then what was the point of living?
He looked around and saw a thirteen-year-old girl walking up to him.
He remembered her.
She had never played one of his games, but she loved the comics.
Maybe she'll smile at me. I was her imaginary friend when she was younger, that has to count for something. Right?
She sat down next to him.
"What's wrong?"
Smile. Smile smile smile.
She didn't smile.
"Talk to me."
He told her everything.
How all his friends were dead, how his family didn't want him anymore, how nobody smiled at him, and how he just wanted to end  his suffering already.
She was silent.
Smile. Smile. Please, please, smile.
Then she spoke.
"Sonic the Hedgehog, you are not going to kill yourself. There are still plenty of people out there who you make smile. So please, p
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 5 28
Talking To Myself
Little girl, with the big brown eyes,
why do they look so empty?
Your pretty smile, your lovely laugh,
you haven't used them lately.
Little girl, it's been a year,
so why start doing this again.
You were doing great, for so long,
so please don't give up on me now.
Keep moving, keep moving,
or you will fall.
Just stay, just stay,
just stay strong.
Why am I even telling you,
all these things?
Cause you, the little girl I'm talking to,
. . . is me.
Little girl, can you give me a smile,
do you even remember?
You swore you'd laugh, swore you'd sing,
sing & dance forever.
Little girl, there is no need,
for all this emptiness.
You've been hanging on, staying strong,
so please don't give up on me now.
Keep moving, keep moving,
or you will fall.
Just stay, just stay,
just stay strong.
Why am I even telling you,
all these things?
Cause you, the little girl I'm talking to,
. . . is me.
And here's to hoping that you
take my advice.
Even though I'm just talking to myself,
yeah, yeah.
But sweetheart
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 6 12
I'll wait.
I'll wait for you to stop pretending.
For you to stop using that happy facade.
You know, the one that fools everyone else into thinking you're fine?
Yeah, that one.
And, you know, you can always talk to me.
You could always let me in.
I could and would help you, if you would just stop ignoring me.
What do you say?
. . . No?
I can be patient when I want to.
And your facade has to break eventually.
In fact, I can already see some cracks.
So just remember.
I'll always be here, waiting for you.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 2 0
How normal am I?
I'm 33% normal and 67% myself.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 0 0
Running Away
Run Away.
Run from the taunting and teasing.
Run from the pain.
Run from the tears.
Run from the heartache.
Run from the shattered dreams.
Run from the fact that you'll have to grow up sometime.
One day, I'll stop running.
One day, I'll be strong enough to face it all.
But until that day comes,
I'll just keep Running Away.
:iconthemeddler:TheMeddler 5 0


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Anyways, I miss writing. And I need to get back into the habit of writing all the time, especially cause I'm officially going to college for journalism this fall!!!!!!! I got accepted to my dream school, and I'm super excited!!! I mean, no one will read this cause all the people I know on this site I have since lost touch with, but I just wanted to post a life update cause it's 11:00 PM and I have nothing better to do. Okay, I'm done rambling. 
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