Well, can't sleep, so I'm making a journal...
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Published: August 1, 2012
Figured this would be quietly tedious enough to help me sleep a bit.

-First of all, I lowered my commission prices drastically. Figured that'd entice someone to do it. Background images are down to $12, which is a whole 40% off, though keep in mind if you're expecting a particularly intricate background, the price may go up. See the Commissions window for more info.

-Thinking about deleting my Felarya stories, or at least dumping them onto an alt account. The reason being, they're still my characters and I may choose to continue using them in the future. I already did so with Lazuli, and I fear when I write her story, people will mistake "Encounter with Lazuli" with what I'd currently write. I'd need to at the very least add a huge disclaimer to the story so that people wouldn't do that. I mean, it's just one, but imagine if I brought back Ruby, who has 30-40 stories to her name. No plans, currently, but it'd be too confusing. Feel free to offer some advice. Besides, a handful of those stories are a tad on the fetishy side, and I'd prefer to keep my gallery a bit more tasteful.

-What advice could you offer to a man whose own racing thoughts keep him awake at night. It's very distressing that I can't sleep only because there's a lot on my mind and it insists I deal with it the moment I lay my head down.

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doodle-plaidHobbyist General Artist
Chamomile tea is relaxing and helps one sleep. :) If you have a vanilla chamomile tea then you don't even need sugar!
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TheMattyHobbyist Digital Artist
Aah, it's been a while since I've had chamomile tea... I'll need to pick some up, maybe o:
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Honestly taking Ruby and Stark out of Felarya would be rather difficult, don't delete your stories as there are still people who read them. Migrating them could help, though since it this is your main account your fans will still remember your characters for who they were. I'd say keep them where they are, and there is really no reason you can't keep them there, after all you don't have to involve yourself in the community at all to write for Felarya.
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TangoFoxHobbyist Digital Artist