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Published: September 1, 2013
Happy September, faggots. Glad summer's almost over. The heat sucks.

Mk, so, I wrote Ch. 2 of SQ. That's an objective fact. Can't argue it. Nope.

Does anyone even read my shit? I guess it's weird to ask, but I know the average person has, like, no attention span, so I'm worried that literature may be a bit of a tall order for you guys. The chapters aren't that long, really. They seem long when you look at your scrollbar, yeah, but I go out of my way to sorta chop up my stories into digestible bites for y'all. Nothing deters a potential reader more than a wall of text, I find.

Anyway, for those who can't be arsed with reading, new picture will be up soon.

PS. Work is going as fine as cooking at McD's ever will. Sadly, expenses have exceeded my income, so I'll need to learn to be a bit thriftier. Being poor sucks giant monkeycocks.
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Booo money problems.
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AzureJassHobbyist Writer
I read your stuff :(
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TheMattyHobbyist Digital Artist
Yaay o: