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Soo, hey. Work is... annoying, but it's work, so it's to be expected. Dunno if I can really find a job I'd tolerate since I'm a lazy fuck, but work means money, and if it means survivin', I'll grit my teeth and bear it, goddammit.

That said, my sister is sort of in the same predicament as me. I told her I was working on commissions, and she asked if I could "throw some of those commissioners her way", so I'll just really quickly feature her.

:iconkamigoat: is her account. She draws comics and Pokemon Nuzlockes and shit. She's a better drawer than I am, but she also has less views due to not taking the "draw tits and fetish art" shortcut as I have in the past. She's also a bit of a faggot, so make she she knows that, too. Give her money, too, since any money between the two of us will mean food and transportation.

Now I'm gonna harass her for a feature on her page.
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Submitted on
June 23, 2013