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Soo, I have like $2.80 to my name. I really can't keep this up. I can't find work. I've never even gotten a call back for an interview. My only hope now is to open up commissions again, even in the midst of this art block. I can't afford not to leave this open at this point.

I may not be the best artist, nor the quickest, nor the most active as of late, but have some mercy. I'm willing to work for you all. I figure if my sister can get $100 for food on donations alone, I'd at least work for it and be a bit less embarrassed that my dinner was donated. :<

Lemme lay this out. It's been a while since I've done this...

Payment goes to If you dunno how PayPal works, I'll explain it to you personally if you wish to make a deal.

Chibi: $5
Large head, small body……

Standard: $10
What I usually draw………

Background: $15+ (Negotiable)
Full color with background…

-Nothing that breaks the dA rules. No porny shit. Nudes are fine, but only if tasteful, I guess. I might negotiate some exceptions in private, but I may increase the price depending on what I'm asked.

-There's some things that frustrate me to no end while drawing them. This includes: furries, bugtaurs (driders, etc.), interaction between two characters, and... I think that's it. Requesting these will hold up the line, make me a very unhappy fatass, and the final product will probably look like shit anyway. Not saying I'm banning them entirely, but don't be a dick. If you're just being a dick, I'll know, and I'll make you pay extra. e_e

-I expect payment before I begin working. I don't wanna put work into a drawing just for someone to drop out of the deal.

-Please request in advance if you wish to see WIPs, please and thank you.

-Also, if you change your mind on any details, please do it early. If I'm already into a drawing and something changes, I'll be exceptionally irate. Again, don't be a dick.

-If you donate so much as a penny, I will rape you. I already live on donated funds via my sister. If you donate, you ruin the point of why I'm even doing this shit in the first place. In fact, I'll spend any donations on frivolous shit. Just to spite you. Think about that.
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Submitted on
March 11, 2013