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So, normally, I'd tell you I have a kiriban at 40k, but I've decided this time I'll hold off until later. I have too much shit to do, so... yeah.

Commissions are coming along, as you all have seen, but I've also been putting a little work into the game here and there, mostly redoing old sprites I think are outdated.… This should cover the ones I've redone

From left to right:

Dryad, originally a literal tree woman, now has a bit of a more mobile appearance. A bit cuter, I'd say.

Novayemya Soldiers, originally wearing that dingy gray uniform, now wear a snazzy red uniform and, for most of them, hats. Hats are always good! Like 'em a lot better, and I feel like just the design of the sprites are a lot better. Keeping in mind that the enemy gunner was the second sprite I designed...

Ysieu is pretty much the same. Should note that I took some artistic advice from doodle-plaid and started softening their chins, and Ysieu's hair has a bit more depth to it.

Mya is the same, except, at the request of doodle-plaid, she now wears a hat :3

Oliver was totally redone. His coat is longer and more detailed, hat is better drawn, animations are a bit better...

Holden is the most recent. Different pose, bigger and better sword, better animation, and yeah o3o

And that's really it. Gonna go see Lynyrd Skynyrd in concert tomorrow, so I'm excited.
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Submitted on
September 20, 2012