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So, first of all, it is now the 21st. Meaning the world is currently ending as I'm typing this. So, yeah, have fun with that shit. Also, if anyone out there seriously believes that today is the end, feel free to forward your life savings to my PayPal at I mean, the world's ending, so currency won't have any value, right? Exactly.

So, I got my monitor fixed, so art will be less of a pain to make, as you can tell. I do have a few more things to put out tonight, mostly gifts for some friends/colleagues. I hope to have three drawings out by January. Last time I had a "to-do before next year" list, I managed to complete it in time, albeit barely, but I have a lot of shit going on from this weekend til the next. Gonna be pretty crazy.

Starting January, I'd like to start a series of stories. Dunno what you guys will think of it, but I'll try and have the first chapter out as soon as possible.
VegasMazza3 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
My cash was changed to gold and sent to space in the event of doom. It is scheduled to crash back down to earth assuming the doom doesn't obliterate the world. If there is no world, it shall be sent into the stars with my legacy.... oooooo......... !
Prof-Nekko Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
in addition, anyone looking for alternative investment of their uneeded end of the world cash can invest in Nekko Industries... We make things catriffic!
VegasMazza3 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012
If a potential "investor" is interested in making things "catriffic"... how would such an "investor" go about it?
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December 21, 2012