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Hey, sorry I said I was gonna post more writing then promptly didn't. Haven't actually written anything worth posting lol. Read 'Annalee' tho and tell me how trash it is :c
How would you feel if I started posting short stories here? Nothing special, just little things I write now and again. Would anyone be opposed to that? Is anyone even still here?
All fucking gone like it should've been a long time ago >:T In fact, I dare say a lot of it never should've been to begin with.

If anyone is particularly attached to any piece I did and they have a really good reason as to why they want it, they can let me know, but I gave everyone plenty of time. >:T
Was curious, since I'm thinking of deleting this gallery for good. Looking through my old stuff is like really embarrassing, even without all the weird fetish shit, and I'd rather it all went away :c
As we all ask why he had to go and why he had to be stricken down from his prime, he shall look down upon us from the heavens with a warm smile, and he will say, calmly...

"Please understand."
It was catastrophic, but there were a few survivors. May they cherish their lives and continue on as if everyday was there last.
I just haven't felt like drawing anymore.

Like, there isn't even any underlying reason why. I just... lost interest. I'd rather write, and I don't really write anything for dA, not that you'd even read it, anyway :V
I guess the 'one drawing a month' thing really kills your audience. Not really shocked, but I guess I'll just, like, look for Groups to dump my shit in that'll take it. I don't crap out top-tier drawings, but a comment or two is always nice, I guess.

Still, writing, tho. Kinda hard to find time when you work two jobs, but I'm doing it. I might even write something that isn't going to be sold/shitty/fucking explicit as all shit.

Oh yeah, if any fetishfags still watch me, don't bother; I don't really post that shit here anymore. You can find my fetish writing on the web if you know where to look, but I won't, like, link it here or anything. Fuck, why would I even do that. There are innocent lolis here who would not like their poor psyche ruined by over-the-top sadistic porn. Like, really.
Not even joking.

We know fuck-all about this, but I'm eager to see how it shapes up.
I haven't really put out a good drawing in a while. Really, I've just lost interest. I mean, I occasionally get the itch to draw something once in a while, but it always ends up feeling tedious and unsatisfying by the end of it all.

Really, I just think I don't want this to be a thing anymore. I feel more comfortable writing, but the issue is my writing doesn't have an audience here, anymore.

Now, I'm not, like, gonna retire my account or go full 'baww mai werk suks deleeting galuree' despite that being deviantArt's trademark sport. I'll probably still draw a thing here and there, but if anyone expects me to come out of this rut and shit out drawings like I used to, then maybe it's time you left. :V
Woo, nothing special happens to me this year. Just another year older.

Also, thanks to W-3-K for the 3 month Sub. Hopefully I'll be able to make good use of it.
It's gonna cost $50 just to have it looked at, then God knows how much more to fix/recover it if it's bad. This is right after I end up having to spend almost $400 on my car after it broke down, as well.

I can't afford this, guys. I have a really shitty job that's going nowhere and I can hardly afford to feed myself, let alone pay for all of these repairs. That said, I may have to reluctantly reopen drawing commissions despite not having finished a drawing in months.

I've just grown really self-conscious of my style and I'm never satisfied with anything I draw anymore. I don't even think anyone here will bite, but I'm opening all available avenues for income because everything is just so bad right now.

I'll have to charge $25 for a normal drawing. Anything else, we'll need to negotiate. I'm in a half-panic right now, so bear with me.
It's still a WIP, but I've been having second thoughts about posting it in its entirety here on dA. There's a few reasons for this, so I'll explain:

a) I am considering selling it. I probably won't publish, but sell it on Amazon or something. If it's here on dA, there will be no incentive to purchase it, even if I add bells and whistles to sweeten the deal

b) I feel like posting it as I go is a bit damaging, honestly. If I post one chapter at a time, I sorta feel the need to have a climax for each chapter, and really, that's silly. Some action in each chapter is nice, but the escalation should be an upward slope, not a range of small hills

c) I guess I'm just losing interest in dA. This is not a very lit-friendly site, and there really isn't a good lit-friendly site. I'll probably still draw and write short stories, but I want my novel to reach a wider audience.

Thank you for reading. Please Understand.
Got the pneumonia. Really sucks. Trying to write despite it all, but not going well. Almost done with the rewrites, though, so I apologize for sorta turtling with the writing this month,
I bet the few people that read my story are asking "Where is Sylvia!?" Actually, I doubt that, because reading is hard, but still, I'm sure someone is asking that.

I am currently in the process of rewriting the first couple chapters. Once the edits are all complete, I will post them all at once. Until then, hang tight. I'm not going anywhere.
So, woo. It's 2014. Cool. This is the part where I promise that it will be more productive than last year, but let's be honest, I'm just not feeling it as much as I used to. It's probably better that I just continue working on Young Blade and only draw when I feel like I can.

I want my story done by 2015, and it will be. I'll try and draw now and again, but no promised.
As many know, a terrible ice storm went and rammed its icy cock up the Midwest's asshole. Though we are northmen born in the frigid lands of Michigan, our infrastructure is massively gay and decided to shit out on everyone. Soo, we had no power for a while. Without power, I can't draw or write. It made December wildly unproductive for me.

Also, my laptop is dead forever. Shame, but it was half-dead already. I'll try and get things sorted out, but I wanna draw and write a bit. I'll try and have something, but not before the end of the year. This really isn't how I wanted to end 2013... :V
November is over, and I guess I promised some art. I may write more Sylvia, though. Well, that's for certain. The question is, what will come first... I only wrote two chapters in one month, and that's not spectacular, since this story will likely end with 20ish. Ah well, 2014 Resolution: Finish Young Blade.

Not gonna make the error of giving out gift-art since my workload is enough, already. I may make something Christmasey, though, as I am wont to do. Don't expect too much. Or do. I dunno what you guys ever expect. You're all just kinda there.

Also, I'm pondering commission prices... I reeeeally need extra money, so I may go on an art binge to promote my gallery.

Well, that'll be a thing when it becomes a thing. See y'all next time I submit.
I'm sorry that I'm not putting any pictures out this month. I know 26 letters is a lot to learn and there's punctuation and shit, but reading is a valuable skill that anyone can have. Life isn't all colorful pictures of lolis. Sometimes, you have to read to get the lolis.

Also, I might open commissions again. I need money. If anyone has any interest, let me know. I might write short stories for money, even.
Don't get me wrong; I'm still playing it and loving it. It's just that after 120 hours, you kinda find time to do other things, which is what I'm now doing. I mean, the story was the usual shit, but some of the post game stuff i.e. Maison, Friend Safari, Looker Bureau, learning that Aegislash is retardedly good, etc. has been occupying my life. I'm a battler at heart, so that's what draws me the most.

That said, I'm always up for a battle. If anyone wants a battle, PM me your Friend Code and I'll show you that I'm better at Pokemon than you will ever hope to be (Knowing my luck, one of my watchers is Ray Rizzo and I'm asking to get schooled... orz )

(Also, I got 2nd place at a tournament 2 weeks after launch. 1st place eluded me, but I still asserted my dominance over a bunch of nerds, and that's all that matters)

Anyway, big thing: new working title for Sylvia's Quest. It is now called Young Blade until a better title rolls around. I will make appropriate changes whenever that rolls around. Also, I want to get a lot of it done during November. NaNoWriMo and all that... If anyone thinks they have a better title and can prove they at least have a triple-digit IQ, please let me know. Thank you.

Also, I didn't mention it, but my laptop got fucked. The screen was shattered in a freak accident. Luckily, with the use of an external monitor, keyboard, mouse, and hard drive, I can keep this thing as long as I'm okay with having to put it on life support whenever I need it. Won't matter too much, but considering I'm moved out and this guy's router is shit (won't let me lay a finger on it, naturally. Not like I've never touched a router in my life before...) my desktop's shitty hardware can barely detect it, let alone connect to it. That's gonna be another 30-50 bucks in the hole... Not a priority purchase, so bear with me.

Also, I wanna draw some Gen VI Pokemon shit. Mostly Evelyn. She is my new favorite.