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Just an FYI since my captions seem to get a fair number of hits, I'm going to removing them from my DeviantArt account. I stopped captioning a while back mostly because I don't really agree with the principal of captioning, how/where most captioners get their pictures, and how they're generally pretty low effort in general. If anyone really wants to have access to them then that won't be a problem and I'll set up a link to access them, but I will be taking them off my account.

Update: Available on Google Drive. Here is the URL:…

It's possible that I might put all of my captions over on Wordpress from back in the day onto Google Drive as well.
"Sell the Product" is going to finish long before September. Hopefully in the next few days actually, once I get some time together (been swamped for the past week). Like last year, I want to do something for Halloween. Probably not anything super long, but more than a single image as well. I'll decide the exact length of whatever I end up doing later.

Anyway, what I want to know is what YOU guys are most interested in seeing me work with for Halloween. I'm throwing out the following choices based on the models I have available to me that are good to work to with and allow a nice level of manipulating on my end.

Poll here since I'm not a Core member and can't embed one:

Regarding two choices...  with Naruto, my knowledge is limited after the time skip. With Warcraft, I would use Heroes of the Storm models (so it would be wise to not expect any customized WoW characters).

I will be honouring the results of this poll. On October 20, I will take a look at the results and begin coming up with a story idea for whatever option has the most votes. Do note that this is for Halloween, so I might go pretty dark!

Update: Overwatch wins. As promised, I'll make sure I have something on October 31.

Writing this just to avoid possible confusion.

I moved all of my series/stories to their own folder in my gallery, and each individual series can be located in their own respective subfolders within the Series folder.

I also categorized all of the 3D models/manipulations images by source in the 3D Models folder, so there are subfolders in that folder now named after the sources (ie. Disney, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and so forth). 

This was done just to prevent clutter and to make finding certain things a little easier.
I was recently trying to figure out what to do next, as any kind of lengthy sequence, since I've been unable to continue Hidden in Plain Sight for some time due to my WoW model viewer no longer working (it may have become incompatible with whatever version of the game it's trying to read from).

I got thinking about random comics and stories over the last few years, and my mind settled on Swapping Skin Stick...

Render 3 by TheMaskedMoron

Swapping Skin Stick is an unfinished Chinese (I think?) story where a woman unwittingly turned herself into an empty disguise. I wasn't able to read the dialogue that the author had written, but she was found by two other men who initially seemed shocked at their discovery, but one of the men eventually decides to try her on and, of course, it allowed him to become her. Pretty much for the rest of what had been made by the author, the man happily remained in the woman, only removing her briefly from time to time. I loved this story, it seemed really well done despite the fact that I could read any of it.

I always felt like it was such a shame that such an interesting story was unfinished and, since I always really enjoyed it. So, I decided to be inspired by this specific story for what I'll do next, using models from one video game series that I've actually never used before. Should I say which it is? Regardless, I've already started some preliminary posing and tinkering and am about twelve frames in at the moment and the good bits are yet to even occur, so it could end up being lengthy. Only time will tell.

1000 watchers. Wow.

I really never would have expected to get so many watchers on this account, since I think I only had about 200-300 on my other accounts! Reaching this number was certainly unexpected, and I wouldn't have predicted it even sometime last year. You guys who click the watch button? You rock, and thanks a bunch for doing so! I don't have anything fancy prepared to upload to celebrate 1000 watchers (though the thought had crossed my mind), but I do have thanks to give.

So, really, thanks guys! Many more deviations to come!
My laptop, where I stored all of my files and did the majority of my work, is dead (and has been for nearing two weeks or so). Scratch that, destroyed. Currently without a lot of things I used and/or in progress things I was wanting to finish/start. This is why there's nothing new here, on my other account, or on my caption site for those who follow it. But this is all....

MERELY A SETBACK. (That was a bad reference to Kael'thas)

I'll have new stuff when I get things together on my PC.
Since ages have passed without ever hearing back from deviantART about transferring control of the old TG Disguise Group to my newer account, I decided to just go ahead and make a new one. I definitely intend on having a co-founder or two so that issues in the future like what happened on the TG Disguise Group (only one account with authority to do anything and it was a deactivated). 

Link for those who are interested:

Joining and submitting deviations are both 100% open! Let me know on this account or my alternate account (CelebrityMasks) if you'd like to chip in and help in any form with the co-founder rank.