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The agents of Overwatch stood where they were for what felt like an eternity, alternating between absolute silence and quiet small-talk as they awaited Pharah's return. At the front of the group, Winston sat playing with a Rubix cube as Mercy paced back and forth beside him. After a moment, she stopped and looked down at the gorilla with a hint of concern on her face. "Winston? We've been waiting for some time, do you think that she doesn't know how to put Moira's ski-"

Mercy paused before completing her sentence at the sound of the distant door wooshing open, the visage of a fully dressed Moira stepping out carefully and awkwardly tugging at black skin-tight outfit that Moira traditionally worn. Winston glanced up, setting his Rubix cube aside as he climbed to his feet. "Welcome back, Pharah! May I say that you are the spitting image of Moira O'Deorain?"

Pharah smiled awkwardly from her guise, rubbing the back of her head before she began speaking in Moira's voice, hints of an Irish accent coming through. "It sure caught me by surprise. It's not as strange in here as I thought it would be, it doesn't feel like I'm even wearing Moira. I feel like this is me."

Mercy let out a slight giggle and nodded as she looked Pharah over. "That is how it works, yes! I was amazed when I simply wore her arm, I cannot imagine what it must be like to be completely inside of her! Did it cause you much grief to get inside of her? I'm sorry that I neglected to tell you know."

"Oh, yes." Pharah looked herself over before shrugging. "It was easy enough to figure out. Once I realized how to get in, I was in. Enough of that though, what now?"

"Well..." Winston took a step forward, eyes looking her over. He still had a dubious look on his face, as if he felt uneasy about having someone who looked to be a Talon operative standing right before him. "The next step is for you to venture to Talon's headquarters and gather as much information as possible before reporting back to us. For hte time being, that is all this will be - an intel mission. Do you feel confident in your ability to pose as Moira without appearing suspicious?"

Pharah let out a deep guffaw before grinning at Winston. "I should hope so, but I don't see how it would matter even if I don't! I don't just look like her, I am her in every way, am I not?"

"Biologically, yes." Mercy stepped forward, taking Pharah's chin in her hand and turn her head to look her over. "Blood samples, brain scans, everything should identify you as Moira. Of course, we don't think you'll need to face any of that even if you come across as a little... out of character to the rest of Talon." Mercy let go of Mercy's chin and leaned back with a smile. "All you must do is cover your tracks, as you will be downloading information from Talon computers."

Winston extended a hand, offering a USB drive to Pharah that she carefully took from him and pocketed. "We're aware of possible Talon activity in King's Row later today. You will plant yourself in King's Row, find the Talon members present, and leave with them when they choose to extract themselves. It should be simple enough."

Pharah nodded  and stepped past the two, looking at the other Overwatch agents for a moment before glancing back towards Winston. "I should be on my way then. I'll try to be back as soon as possible."

Mercy took a few quick steps forward and gave Pharah a light hug before stepping back and smiling warmly to her. "We know you'll do great!"

Pharah returned the smile before turning and walking away from the group hastily. Before heading to catch her flight out of the base, Pharah quickly made her way inside and wandered about until happening upon the makeshift laboratory Winston had allowed Mercy to construct in order to carry out this mission. Without pausing for a moment, Pharah made her way to the computer Mercy appeared to be operating at and inserted the USB stick. As the computer prompt asked her how to proceed, she ignored it and sifted through the computer's files until she found what she was looking for. After copying several documents onto the small flash drive, she turned and exited the laboratory. She had a flight to catch.

Hours later, Pharah had touched down in London, where she promptly boarded another private flight after the coast was clear. This flight had taken her back south, this time to Venice.  After her flight was over and she found her way within the city, she quietly walked down numerous alleys, countless streets, until she happened upon an exquisitve manor with no discernable name or address at the gates. She stepped forward to the intercom and pressed the button on it. Seconds after she pressed the button, a security camera shot out of the top of the gate and surveyed her carefully before there was a loud buzz and the sound of the gate unlatching could be heard. Pharah pushed the metal bars open as she wandered onto the manor grounds, paying her surroundings no attention as she simply made her way to the front door. As she reached the door, she leaned over to display her eye to an ocular scanner that promptly scanned her eye. There was a beep as "clearance granted" appeared on the screen. Pushing the door open, she slipped inside and immediately bumped into someone who apparently appeared out of thin air. "Sombra!"

The grumpy Irish voice prompted the formerly invisible Sombra to laugh as he tilted her head curiously as she reached forward to poke at her visitor. "You were gone for a long time, Moira! Qué tal?"

"Not now!" Sombra's finger was swatted away. "We have work to do. There is someone inside of me, someone who thought she could get the better of me. Those fools should have tested this more extensively!"

"Huh? Es en serio?" Sombra quirked an eyebrow. "You're talking crazy, you know?"

"No." The face of Moira paused before a mirror on the wall, leaning in and grinning. "No, Sombra, I'm not. Overwatch abducted me and subjected me to an experiment. They put someone inside of me to pose as me. They haven't the slightest idea that their plan backfired the moment that the little Egyptian girl pulled my face on." Moira, rather than Pharah, spun around to stare at Sombra with an anxious expression. "Angela Ziegler, that witch is the one who did this to me and I downloaded the schematics to her machine that did this to me! Sombra, we need to reverse engineer what she has done to me."

"Okay, so..." Sombra leaned against the wall, looking mildly amused. "You're saying that there's an Egyptian girl inside of you? That Overwatch put inside of you to be you? And now you want me to help you get her out? Am I understanding that correctly?"

Moira chuckled slightly under her breath. "Almost, but there is one key aspect to this plan that I did not mention. The reverse engineering." Moira leaned down to look the smaller Talon agent in the eyes. "We turn Angela Ziegler's technology against Overwatch, implant me within the one inside of me to allow me to shed my own skin and pose as her, return to Overwatch, and cause further chaos!"

Sombra stood up and scratched the side of her head. "Yeah, whatever, I'll help, You're talking crazy and I don't believe you, but I'm bored. Let's do it."

Hours upon hours of Moira and Sombra meticulously pouring over Mercy's documents and schematics before they finally assembled something that the two figured was the final product. With a little Talon expertise and the combined intellect of the two, they had wired their creation to have the opposite effect that Overwatch intended - to have the person being worn place themselves inside of the one wearing them. Moira tossed a series of her own brain scans at Sombra that the two had done not long ago, verifying that they matched the scans for Moira that had previously been on file. There was no mistaking that, at the moment, the person in the room was definitely Moira. This move was done to make what followed easier to prove.

As Sombra set the scans aside and grabbed an apple, Moira picked up the metallic dish that they had created and set it gently over her head. After making sure that all of the connections were secured, Moira grinned at Sombra as she secured the metal dish over her head. "Activate it."

Sombra, pausing mid-bite, set her apple down and marched over to the computer that they had hooked the device up to. She grinned to Moira before lowering her index finger and pressing down on the enter key. "Boop!"

There was a sudden surge as electricity from a nearby conduit that the two had hooked the device up to started sparking and buzzing wildly. As the lights in the room began to flicker wildly, Sombra jumped up in a panic. "Shit! We're gonna lose power in here if we don't st-"

"LEAVE IT." Moira's tone was loud and commanding even though, when Sombra looked towards her, there were sparks of electricity dancing all over the dish and onto her face. Sombra looked up at the lights half nervously and half out of frustration before relenting and simply staring at Moira. After a few more seconds of this erratic display, every light source in the room suddenly flared up and there was a sudden loud pop as the computer died. Sombra let a few Mexican expletives fly as she ran over to it, not paying attention to Moira as she staggered to her feet, letting the dish slip off and fall to the floor. She continued to tend to the computer as Moira ghosted her, walking straight past her and going to a full-length mirror that they had set up. Moira looked at her reflection for a moment before letting out a long exhalation. She leaned in close, looking her face over carefully. "Tiime to see if this worked."

"Es en serio?" Sombra smacked the monitor growling to herself. She began to let more Mexican expetives spew until Moira's deep laugh drew her attention to the mirror. Curious, she stood up and walked over to see what her associate was laughing about. When she approached and could see Moira in the mirror, Sombra stopped dead in her tracks. In the mirror's reflection, Moira had lifted her own lips off to reveal the lips of another underneath, a slightly dark-skinned face visible underneath. "What am I looking at here!?"

Moira seemed to completely ignore Sombra as her seized her own upper lip and lifted it, stretching it as high as she could. As she pulled her lip higher and higher, her own face lifted and wrinkled as it was pushed into her hair. Sombra's eyes widened as the face of another woman, from the upper lip to the forehead, was visible in place of Moira's. The face of Pharah smiled and spoke, still in Moira's voice. "Fareeha Amari, it is a pleasure to meet you... and to be you!"

A confused and surprised Sombra could barely even protest, let alone utter a word, as Moira pulled the entirety of her face back and over her head, the lips of Moira now hugging the neck of Pharah. Sombra took a step forward, glancing over the shoulder of who he thought was Moira as she reached over to poke at the face of Pharah. "Is that... still you?"

Moira nodded, grinning excitedly at her reflection. "It is, and it worked!" She raised her hands to feel at the face of Pharah, eyes bugging out in jubilation. "You dared to try and wear me to pose as me, but now you are the one who is being impersonated, but I am not wearing you... I am you!"

Sombra quirked an eyebrow, taking a step back and looking hopelessly out of her element as Moira began to quickly remove her clothes. Sombra backed away even more when the now-nude Moira reached up and began squeezing Pharah's own body out through the stretched mouth of her former face. When all was said and done, Moira's own skin crumpled lifelessly to the ground as she stood triumphantly in Pharah's body, smiling wildly to herself as she ran her hands over her new body in seeming admiration of the dark-skinned, muscular, toned body that she had stolen. When her hands had done enough adventuring, she glanced over towards Sombra. "Ready for another brain scan?"

Several minutes later, Moira sat with a lab coat draped over Pharah's naked body as Sombra analyzed the brain scan results. "Mmm.... yeeeaaah... this says that you're definitely still you. Somehow... I mean, I don't understand any of this, but the scans don't lie."

"Good." Moira stood up and stretched before running her hands through Pharah's thick black hair. "I'm going to my wardrobe to see if I have any clothes that fit this body. As for... that..." Sombra followed Moira's finger as she pointed to her crumpled skin on the floor. "Put that somewhere safe for the time being. I'll be back shortly. I'm going to wash this body before I find something to wear."

Sombra raised a hand in mock salute, "Got you."

As Moira buttoned the lab coat closed over Pharah's bare chest, she quickly exited the room to leave Sombra by herself. For a moment, all Sombra could do was stare off into space blankly as she failed to comprehend how anything she just witnessed was possible, but then her gaze fell upon Moira's skin as it remained where its original owner had discarded it. A slight smile tuggeda t Sombra's lips as she slowly made her way towards it. "Maybe I can understand how all of this works... if I..." She paused, leaning down to scoop Moira's skin up as she looked at the empty face in thought. She wouldn't be doing any harm if she put it on, would she? After all, Moira wasn't in there anymore, and what better place for it to be safe than on Sombra? A mischievious grin painted itself on Sombra's face as she hastily undressed in the middle of the lab, setting all of her clothes on a nearby table before taking Moira's skin in her hands again, promptly slipping her left foot in. Just as she started to slide her toes into the empty foot's....

"What are you doing?" That voice! Sombra spun around, leg still encased in the skin, as she spotted Moira standing in the doorway with an amused grin on her face. "I was coming back for my clothing, but... well, this was unexpected. Don't let me stop you." Moira waved her hand at Sombra in encouragement. "Go on. Pretend I'm not even here."

Sombra swallowed, looking down at the floor and then at the skin that was resting by her leg. Did Moira really want to sit and watch Sombra put her own skin on? Feeling a little awkward with eyes on her, Sombra  reached down and fumbled with the skin, tugging at it the foot and letting her toes slip into the empty ones of the skin. She wiggled them for a moment before glancing over her shoulder at Moira who appeared to be watching with a sort of twisted interest. Sombra remained silent as she looked back at the skin, slipping her other leg in and slipping it on with a little more gusto. As she stood up and looked down at her legs, she blinked quickly in surprise before finally uttering a single word. "W-Wow!"

Moira leaned against a table, looking delighted at what she was watching. "Oh, it'll get even better. Keep going. I insist."

Feeling a little excited herself, Sombra wiggled the empty face of Moira's old skin up past her waist, over her belly, and then to her breasts as she careful slid them underneath the lower lip that still felt oddly warm and moist from being alive moments ago. Sombra glanced down at her body which had become noticably taller, before biting her lip and glancing down at the mouth wrapped around her cleavage. Unlike Pharah, Sombra's frame was smaller and this allowed her to slip both of her arms underneath the lips. Moira watched with an interested smirk as Sombra's arms filled those that she had abandoned not long ago, giving life to her own original arms. As Sombra analyzed her new arms, Moira quickly walked over to stand in front of Sombra, now looking up at the slightly taller body that had originally been her own. "Let me do this part."

Sombra didn't even time to protest as she simply looked at Moira, surprised by how excited her voice had become. Before she could even utter a word, Moira was pulling her original face up and over Sombra's face and then immediately tucking the lips in for her and smoothing the face out over the small Mexican woman's features. As Sombra reached up to touch the face that had just been, quite frankly, roughly pulled over her own, Moira allowed a wild grin to plaster itself over the face that once belonged to Pharah. "You look ravishing, Sombra... and all of this has given me quite an idea."

"I still don't know how any of this is poss.... ib..." Sombra couldn't even utter the rest of the word when she realized that Moira's own voice was coming from her now. After a moment, she took a deep breath and let her tongue run along her lip in thought. "What's the idea?"

Moira could only grin in response.
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XionaLaVolla Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
Thank you and can wait part 3! 
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Is ok if I continue this in a fan-fic?
TheMaskedMoron Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
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Very interesting! I hope it continues!
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But how Moira intercepted control on body ?
SuperCena12 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017  Student Writer
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Oh and when you get the Moira assets, will you be making this story in 3-D?
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Maybe not this specifically, but I'd love to use Moira.
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If you make this story 3 d, it will be a masterpiece.
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Me too
cable19876 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2017
Moira and Sombra are my two favorite overwatch hero's, so reading about Sombra wearing Moira is just the best thing ever. Thank you and can't wait for part 3. I hope Sombra gets to keep the Moira suit.
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