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Welcome to TheManyFormsOfArt

TheManyFormsOfArt is all about accepting the best of art, from the many types such as Digital Art, Traditional Art and the many other types of art. You may submit as much as you would like, but please submit to the correct folder.

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Our group is all about accepting the many types and forms of art spread across this vast community we call DeviantArt. All art will be automatically be accepted, but please submit to the correct folder.

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We will be very grateful!
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Jun 12, 2013


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Art Creation

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[G] Crim Kitty [TVP] by Jeyawue
Photomanipulation: Tiger n' fire by xXLOLDAXx
Temptation by HadeerBadawey
Jin AKanishi by HadeerBadawey
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Lost In the Forest by AbsinthiaStacy
Snow White Cosplay by helenapolanskyart
Millenium soldier by BradyRain
Sci-fi Character Artwork by BradyRain
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Fractals: WorldBorn by xXLOLDAXx

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[G] Crim Kitty [TVP] by Jeyawue [G] Crim Kitty [TVP] :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 77 7 Photomanipulation: Tiger n' fire by xXLOLDAXx Photomanipulation: Tiger n' fire :iconxxloldaxx:xXLOLDAXx 5 6 Temptation by HadeerBadawey Temptation :iconhadeerbadawey:HadeerBadawey 17 4 Jin AKanishi by HadeerBadawey Jin AKanishi :iconhadeerbadawey:HadeerBadawey 14 3 Disagreement by hde2009 Disagreement :iconhde2009:hde2009 35 8 Yamapi by HadeerBadawey Yamapi :iconhadeerbadawey:HadeerBadawey 4 0 Viscom by MyHeadWonders Viscom :iconmyheadwonders:MyHeadWonders 72 38 Girl with fear by MyHeadWonders Girl with fear :iconmyheadwonders:MyHeadWonders 90 17 The Miminalist by Drunken-Novice The Miminalist :icondrunken-novice:Drunken-Novice 2,186 54


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April ONeil by lorayne11
muse I X | r e v o l u t i o n a r y by ArtakaWorks
Ochaco by lorayne11

Mature Content

Machi lengerie HunterxHunter by lorayne11
Digital Art
I finally finished it ! by Si-Nister
CD: My Colorful Family by HaraaJubilee
April ONeil by lorayne11
HB: Karaoke Night by HaraaJubilee
Traditional Art
Terminator T-800 Model 101 by PatrisB
Work in progress (T-800 Model 101) by PatrisB
Strawberries (Jahody) by PatrisB
Surprise by PatrisB
Classy Drink Party by n2n44
Glow Night by n2n44
Fun Summer Party by n2n44
Silver Lounge Party by n2n44
... an old soul ... by FlowerOfTheForest
Flowers In The Garden by Euderion
Bring Down The Sun by AdaEtahCinatas
Sorrow Turns To Anguish by AdaEtahCinatas
MP100: Not Gonna Teach Him To Dance With You by HaraaJubilee
HB: Warlord of Kindness by HaraaJubilee
CD: The Oracle by HaraaJubilee
MP100: The Brahmin by HaraaJubilee
Fan Art
CD: Cara by HaraaJubilee
CD: Living Dead Girl by HaraaJubilee
CD: Cemetery Bloom by HaraaJubilee
Lil Acala - So Happy by dengekipororo
Sanctuary Chapter III: Dark Hunter Arc IBack in the present, Netxad looked out the train window. He rested his head on a hoof while his other hoof rested on Rita’s head.  She had fallen asleep on his lap clutching her doll to her chest. Baxter meanwhile was enjoying some mint leaf tea. “So... Where are you going?” He asked. Netxad turned to face Baxter. “I’m heading to Lonkel. Then I’m heading into the Quintoni Forest.” “Ah, I see.” Suddenly, Rita spoke in her sleep “No! I’m sorry... Please don’t beat me.” she pleaded.  Netxad looked at her with a sad look on his face and proceeded to rub her head. “It’s okay Rita, I’m here.” Hours passed.  Soon the cacti were replaced by trees, whose leaves had begun to change color. Rita woke up. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Are you okay?” Netxad asked. She looked at him. “Yeah.” Rita looked away, biting her lower lip. She then felt something that was both rough and soft, touch her cheek. Rita turned to see a chocolate chip cookie surrounded by a purple aura floating in front of her. “I thought you might get hungry when you woke up so I asked an attendant for this cookie.”Rita grabbed the treat, and proceeded to take a small bite out of it. After thoroughly chewing and swallowing the treat her eyes widen. She then began to devour the cookie. “Slow down Rita,” Netxad exclaimed. “Sorry. It’s just... I’ve never had a cookie before.”  “Well it won’t be the last.” The two smiled at each other. Just as the sun was beginning to set, the train pulled up into Lonkel. Rita got up so Netxad could get out of his seat. “Netxad wait,” Baxter said. Netxad looked at Baxter too see that he had a suitcase in his mouth. “Thank you.” Netxad’s horn began to glow and he took the suit case. “What is it?”  “It’s one of Aden’s cloaks. He used it to meet up with our “clients” at night. That was the only time of day we could help without fear of being caught. I thought you could use it to hide your identity.” “Really? Thanks for this then.”  “You’re welcome.”  Just before Netxad step off the train, Rita approached him with a sad expression. “How long will you be gone?”  She asked almost worryingly.  Netxad had a look of sadness as well. “I don’t know.”  “Promise me. Promise me I’ll see you again. You have too!” Netxad looked back and forth between Rita and Baxter “Rita, I promise I’ll see you again.” Rita walked up to Netxad and hugged him. Netxad walked off the train. As it pulled away, he saw Rita waving at him. He waved back. After the train had left, he lifted the suitcase up to his face before turning around and examining his surroundings. He was surrounded by buildings that were at least three stories high.  The fact that Lonkel was more of a business village, more creatures lived in the places they worked. The thickness of the leaves meant that very little sunlight or even moonlight reached the town giving it the nickname, “The Town of Permanent Darkness.” Netxad teleported to the top of a clothing shop. He opened the suitcase and saw that the cloak was almost pitch black, torn, had a few holes and the hood was large enough to cover a horn. “It’s perfect,” he said.  After getting dressed, he teleported back down to the ground. Like in Shiobin, he looked for a saloon, and sure enough he found one.
You are M I N E  GIF by LilMinkurs

Mature Content

These Issues, they cut me (TRIGGER WARNING) by LilMinkurs
Rachel Maksy by Ravietta
Hedgehog waving animation by ChristopherReality
I Wanna Do More by HaraaJubilee
Piff and Puff by moonepaws
Collision by AquariusAnqel
And I Just Can't Get Enough by fmr0
Work in progress (Nemesis) by PatrisB
Egyptian Night Flyer by n2n44
: WENDIGO : by Bastard--Prince
Formula Racing Club Flyer by n2n44

Mature Content

Afternoon Bath by MissMonie
CD: To Hold You Close by HaraaJubilee
Avatar: TheManyFormsOfArt no.4 by xXLOLDAXx
Logo: SMK Logo by xXLOLDAXx
Let's dance by AkihHika

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