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The Man in the Hat.-

The Man in the Hat is a fictional, silent character, who is the protagonist of this watercolor illustration series.

The series has a strong narrative element, but there is no story as such! Through the different illustrations you will be able to make up the story yourself, with the many different locations and situations that he finds in his amazing, imaginary journeys.

The illustrations portray quiet, lighthearted and beautiful scenes, painted with watercolor paints, ink pens and a touch of color pencils to achieve a colorful and lively style with a strong influence from comic books.

In this journal I will show you the Man in the Hat's journeys and tell you a little bit of his story...just enough so that you can imagine the rest by yourself.

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Bird's Eye View.-

Flying over the fields of southern Spain

The Man in the Hat likes travelling. In fact, he loves travelling, and that's one of the things he does the most!

You will see him riding, and even driving, or piloting, many different kinds of vehicles and means of transportation: trains, cars, bikes, planes, hot air balloons, name it! After all, one of the most important things in this life is to always, always, be on the move...if you stay still for too long, you might rust!

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