The I Without A Face

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My chameleonic face creates illusions
To protect the faceless I,
The self within the centre.

Environment dictates the shape my atoms take.
Each illusion is two-dimensional,
Transparent in patches but mostly opaque.

My faces confuse friends;
They speak in contradictions,
Memories mix and time is only relative at the time.

The I watches the faces from without the body,
Disgusted by their ability to confuse,
To misrepresent the faceless

And I, the I without a face, am left confused.
We are beings of many faces.
© 2014 - 2021 themagpiepoet
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a-perpetual-hiraeth's avatar
As someone with BPD, this hits very close to home for me. Without a solid self-concept, I mimic those around me, adopting their traits and opinions as my own. I'm trying to squash this tendency, but of course that's far easier said than done. Also, the part about the memories really struck a chord. I have huge gaps in my memory, and my memories are all fuzzy -- none of them are clear. When I'm talking about a memory, often I'll feel as though I'm not telling it exactly the way it was -- like I'm mis-remembering it or something. It's frustrating.    
themagpiepoet's avatar
I'm glad this was able to give you some comfort in knowing that you're not alone in the things you've described. Hope you're doing okay. Now I'm gunna read you :blowkiss:.
Corvuskova's avatar
Interesting concept.
akrasiel's avatar
Feels very introspective. I like the use of "the I" as a concept, and I particularly like the line "Environment dictates the shape my atoms take."

Maybe "chameleon faces" would convey the same meaning without turning it into an awkward adjective.
themagpiepoet's avatar
Thanks :). I like the way 'chameleonic faces' feels in my mouth.
akrasiel's avatar
Fair enough then :aww:
saevuswinds's avatar
Interesting concept, but "chamelonic" read oddly. I like the idea of faces changing the way chameleons do--but that word specifically didn't sit right with me. Still, good work!
themagpiepoet's avatar
Thank you. What would you suggest in place of 'chameleonic'? x
saevuswinds's avatar
Hm... Maybe inconstant, fluid, protean, shifting, vicissitudinous, or a synonym of one. 
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