Shadow Mother

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Prophecies have sunk into my bones
Enriching the thick marrow with foresight,
They undulate -  my deliciously flawed drones
And we are beings together through the blight.
As they ravage our souls to rich rags
We suffer as one in the depths of night.
Acned with stars, the hot sky drags
Devouring the eyes of God with the death of her soul.
© 2013 - 2021 themagpiepoet
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very powerful, well done :blackrose:
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you are very welcome
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Rumors are crawling upon my flesh
Deteriorating the epithelium without thought or control
They disintegrate - perfect generals of disgust.
And I feel nonexistent in the face of their purity.
They assist my demons with thin veils.
I am alone standing in the light of day.
Smoothness of the black void, and the cold earth beckons
Feeding me the mouth of Satan with the birth of his demons.
Occasionally, I darken, twist and mirror the writings of others as my mind compels me. I don't submit them as my own; I leave them in the comments of the writing, and I usually favorite the writing to folder of my favorites called, Twisted Reflection. I figured I'd break you in earlier than I do for most people I watch because I am in the mood.
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Well thank you for breaking me in *curtsies*.x
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You're welcome. *bows*
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