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Should you allow me access to your depths
I'll tend to the dark tendrils of your mind,
Should you give me a key to your vaults
I'll scrub the dank blackness to shine.

Let me burrow, let me bathe in malicious waters,
The violence, the terror, the urges to hurt;
Let me love them, let me encourage them,
They'll merge with mine - turbulent oceans.

This cage of immoral flesh pulsates within me;
I flicker, I writhe, I dissolve in our impulses.
Hedonistic; we are safe to indulge in vitriol,
Lips suckle at the beauty of our flaws.
© 2013 - 2021 themagpiepoet
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UBERtea's avatar
kinky ;)
also quite nice with the structure : ) when I read it out one paragraph after the other it feels like you described a dirty mind, the intimate fluids, and then the skin one after another.

my impression anyway. hope i don't offend if I'm too far off.
themagpiepoet's avatar
Yes! Kinky, dirty lust. Finally, someone who is willing to decode me!