God of Bones

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The god of my bones wants my soul
But he can only possess my bones,
He pulled me into his marrow
I consumed his cells, I became
Him and he was me,
Now my body is dead in his memory,
I gave him my heart - he owns my corpse.

He dreams of me in his nightmares
I possess him as he sleeps,
His bitter-sweet infatuation.
As I plead for him to let me go
He sacrificed me to the god of his bones.

Now I bathe in the chaos we made -
I'm a mile away and I can feel his pain,
We share our grief through the wet wind
And the lashing waves. He pulls on me
With our psychic link - my gut wrenches.
He drinks and I write, our thoughts coexist
Since we sacrificed ourselves to the god of bones.
7th November 2014
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Chills. There isn't any more that I could possibly say.