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Countdown Timer for Rainmeter



Countdown Timer for Rainmeter

Set a specific time and date, or simply an amount of time, that you want to count down to.
The skin displays the time remaining in any custom style of your choosing!

How to use

  1. Click the countdown timer
  2. Set a time
  3. Click start

Right-click the countdown timer and click Options to customize the skin.


  • Show/hide units of time
  • Show/hide labels
  • Execute event(s) when timer reaches zero
  • Adjust size
  • Change font
  • Change colors
  • Enable/disable sound effects
  • And more...!

Bonus feature: Count Up! New 

You can now switch to a count up variant of the skin.
See how much time has elapsed since a date in the past, or just start counting from now!

Thank you for downloading. Enjoy!
Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any requests, suggestions or feedback!

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Last update: June-17-2020 at 03:46 GMT+1
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Very nice, but how do you change the date?