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Vanessa Casual #1 + Introduction ^^
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Believix Wing Tutorial!
Vanessa Enchantix!
Vanessa Charmix!
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Stella OMNIX!!!
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Planing on making a MYO event for Omnix would you be in...
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UPDATES! (on everything you could imagine)
Heey everyone! I have to say some things to all of you ^^ After I saw how good does Vanessa look in my new way of drawing I decided some things... I decided I will soon close my Commissions for some time (Meaning there might be some adopts coming your way)I decided I want to FULLY dedicate to original Winx style (Meaning I want to master it and try making my arts look more like how professional Winx artists make it! Which would mean making it look like they are straight from the show sooo no more fancy eye glows(I might keep that XD) In other words no more adding my own stuff to the style ))I want to work on my girls more! I want to finish
Raffle by Liliadria
Please check it out :D


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Hey,how are you? What you think about New sesason 8 enchantix? And what you think about season 8 style overlay write me one od following numbers

1.i hate it
2.i love it
3.i dont love it but also i dont hate it
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TheMagicInYourHeart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I definitely pick two :D like Rainbow could've been so damn f'n lazy like do some sh** like this  Winx S8 enchantix supposed to be by TheMagicInYourHeart XDD
Sooo having them not being FUCKING lazy they redesigned the WHOLE thing and made it a TON better
Like adding more colors more sparkle, more layers to the clothes,more details on the wings and a REALLY good transformation sequence with may I add same time for everyone which we never had for any other season until 8th
And may I also add that I just truly love those who say omg why are they soo censored because GIRL if you want to see boobs or some shit go watch you know what!!! 
These pople can't understand this show was and WILL BE for kids! And the 3rd season wasn't able to be seen in a lot of countries just because they showed bellybuttons -_-
And now I really think this New Enchantix is MUCH better for sooooooooooo many reasons and also YES there are bad sides to it like too much pink or one thing that REALLY bothered me that they don't explain how they get back to old transformations like for sirenix they were like well lets transform to a transformation that happened 4 transformations before Cosmix
I thought from seeing the screenshots that Queen of Mermaids and Queen of Stars will make a new REFORMED not cursed sirenix BUT NOOOOOOOO they ended up making a barrier that didn't even work...
Sooo yeah I definitely like New Enchantix and don't get it why are people so obsessed with it looking bad when its pretty damn good! ;P 
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And what about season 8 style itself? You love it od rather prefer old style?(season 1/7)
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TheMagicInYourHeart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well the style like from the first releases horrible then I liked it then when they posted new art I liked it even more and now with the season being out I like it even more! :D 
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joebev910| Digital Artist
How are you
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TheMagicInYourHeart|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm doing great! Thanks for asking how are you?
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joebev910| Digital Artist
what is tecna
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