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PSD 01 - pastel by TheMagicianLord PSD 01 - pastel :iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 2 0 6 Nature Stock Images by TheMagicianLord 6 Nature Stock Images :iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 0 0
The Midlife Writing Crisis
A trickling river
Where an ocean once roared
what's left is what's gone;
you don't try anymore.
burning midnight oil to the finish
is an impossible feat
when ideas perched atop your head
fall lifeless on the sheet
fortnight after fortnight
you become a desparate fighter
balshamy, metriocious
"false words for false writers!"
it's hard to find inspiration
when you're pressed against a mould
groping around for lost words
when there are none to hold
Instead, you've let them all out
scattered across the pond
and watched each of them float away
wafts of inspiration gone
The maginficence is torn down
yet inky ruins remain
a reminder of what was lost-
beautiful words and a forgiving brain.
The midnight oil is through
your emotions are askew
you look down your paper and gaze;
there are still no words on your page.
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 4 1
the Mechanisms of H by TheMagicianLord the Mechanisms of H :iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 7 0
Let's Play || Doctor Who Fanfiction
Somewhere in the middle of Britain, the sound of flats and sneakers slapping down on pavement echo across the walls of a small Catholic school. Students file out of doors in random, chaotic order, their voices screaming like a hundred pealing bells. The younger students stay put on the pavement, bouncing energetically back and forth, across the walls, into someone else's face. Older students drag their iPods, MP3's and friends into secluded places outside of the paved area, where a small chain of pine trees line the pavement; a nice, green haven surrounded by ugly, grey chain fences. A small redhead girl was sitting beneath one of the trees right now, buried in a massively boring dictionary as big as her own torso.
"Surly… supper… tablet… tapestry…" She mumbled in a Scottish accent. Her grey eyes furrowed into a cute kind of concentration as the little girl flipped one yellowed page after another, hoping to find the word she needed. After all, if she was going to look for it she figure
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 11 6
The Paper Society
What if I told you that heaven was a lie
would you fall deeper than you've ever fallen before
to expect nothing to catch your fall?
Glass shards rip against skin
summoning to a God that's never here
and with this said
bones break
and a testament's promise tears itself apart.
For a thousand years, wait patiently
clinging to the single-stranded ropes of a promise
because that's what we are
a society of breakable paper, pliable words
the things that hold us together
the lies which are slowly stretching
but we never see the crack beneath it
(careful, dear.
those things are a thousand years old
they're fragile.)
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 11 0
She was the nice little
girl next door
'never commited a sin,'
they cooed
'never did a thing wrong.'
She joined soccer, choir, chess
came home holding a freshly marked A+
every day of the week
in her innocent, clean hands
Her mum was her unsung hero
she did what she was told,
and did it gladly.
little Mary helped old ladies across the street
a sure sign of goodness, no?
She always came out to play
with me and my imaginary friend,
Princess Alexandra the 3rd.

Mary-Anne laughed one day.
"Look!" she exclaimed
"My pants are shrinking!"
They were inches above her ankles
and none of them too loose.
her parents laughed with her
the neighbourhood laughed with her
and so did the teachers.
What a joker, that Mary-Anne.
she drew her own shapes in the clouds
and we talked about
rainy days, the taste of coffee,
exchanging our letters from Santa
and built our own kingdoms
where we fought imaginary fights
for imaginary princes

months later,
she walked to school with a clip-on
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 12 9
Doctor Who: Time by TheMagicianLord Doctor Who: Time :iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 74 15
First Date-SWS
"...came here before as a woman."
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 13 14
The Gamble of Her Life
She talks while she is sleeping
nightmares plague her waking
she lays her soul out on the betting table-
it's for anyone's taking.
heartless smoke tears through her lungs
her heart her brain
'she's insane.'
inhale deeply
breathe it out
midnight secrets
morning doubts
until all that's dripping from her lips
is one sentence, one chance-
"do you still want that lap dance?"
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 15 19
Story of a Broken Mirror
Some people may think it's easy being a mirror; it's not. Once we slim, fragile beings are created, it doesn't take long for us to be shattered to pieces by one cruel human after another, our forgotten remains recycled again and again. My owners have always been so uncaring, so ignorant, and so vain.
Today, I sit on a plastic stand as a cheap mirror belonging to a girl named Sophie. I know how petty little girls can be when it comes to mirrors, but this one isn't like the others; she doesn't even try to be anything beautiful, or at least fails trying. Today, just like any other day, she walks into the bathroom with swollen eyes. Every day is the same as I rigidly stay on my stand and watch her comb her disgusting brown hair and even leans close to me, applying cream on her bursting acne. Every single part of her face suddenly magnifies by 100 for me, and I swear I can almost feel my glass shatter! And for that, just because I can, I distort her face, creating imaginary layers of fat an
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 11 11
A story of delirium, blood, and dingy lighting
  The dingy lighting and the constant drip-drop of something awaken me from my sleep.
  Ah yes, I'm in the spa. The drip- drop is of the churning of the waterfall, and Rosa is massaging my back. But a little bit too hard. No, much too-
   My eyes fling open from the sudden jolt of pain cascading around my body, and it takes me a moment to see that I'm not at the spa after all. The dingy lighting illuminates my cold, bare prison blotted with crimson, and the drip-drop is not water, but… something else. I'm lying on the floor in an awkward position, with my neck screwed sideways and my entire body screaming in pain. At least it doesn't hurt to think.
Definitely not the spa.
As my room comes closer into focus and my senses sharpen more, I bump my knee gently on a metal rod. A metal rod which seems to be supporting a platform, which in turn is the definition of a table. Two folding chairs are placed (or rather thrown) there also, in a manner which su
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 2 2
From Diamonds to Stones
Why do I keep on throwing away diamonds and picking up stones?
Friendship, as I have learned, can be one of the essential things which keep us alive and well. We need relationships, love and people to talk to just as much as we need food, water and clothing. For some, friends are well-earned and bountiful, like apples on a tree- the numbers keep on growing. But for others, it is more like the matter of looking over what little rations you have on a desert island, small and scarce. And while some people make the fatal mistake of choosing the wrong type of friends, others, such as me, simply don't know which ones are truly valuable.
Back in my 1st year of middle school (otherwise known as hell), I was really, truthfully excited to make new friends, which was thought as easy because of my bubbly personality. Almost a month later, I had many mutual friends and some good ones. Among those were 2 girls (whom I will not name for privacy purposes), who I had considered to be good friend
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 6 5
A Lifelong Act
She's an actor
A great depression she can fake
But I can do it better
I can do it naturally.
Offstage, she's bubbly
A glowing aura of joy, and just
oozing with happiness
I build a tall, concealed fortress
Shut the windows
Draw the curtains
And paint a bright, crude smile on my face
as if everything's alright
as if
So nobody will intrude
And nothing can excape.
Admist a crowd, there she is
Amongst friends who bow and kiss her shadow
(all 31 of them)
I know I must feel the
Old, stereotypical feelings of
Anger, jealousy, disdain, hate
But it's hard to unleash your hatred
When she picks her bowers back up
And graciously invites wanderers and loners
Into her circle
(the boy with the head lice is in it
… but not me)
No acting script is involved in her kindness.
She walks painstakingly in reed-thin stilettos
As I painstakingly put on my best act to the world.
She sees everyone, everyone sees her
But she sweeps past me
(digging her tall heels into my fallen papers)
She is a shootin
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 15 6
Butterfly Fly Away by TheMagicianLord Butterfly Fly Away :iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 13 5
Greetings from the Past
   As nightfall came upon the quaint little neighborhood without a name, it brought an unexpected turn of the weather also. The heavy rainfall coming down, which had already been enough of an announcement, had quickly turned into lumps of hail, smacking rooftops, windshields, and creating what sounded like a massive thunderstorm. As the same time, it was accompanied by flashes of lightning, which illuminated the wind-thrown trees and fences for hours on end.
   Nevertheless, the minutes and the hours of the day seem to drag on and on for an old man, as if the sleet and wind had never been a source of commotion to him. This man ripe in his 90's sat quietly on his chair in his ancient manor, rocking steadily back and forth. He frowned and observed what foul weather he could see outside his window, if he could see outside of it at all.
   His entire house was cluttered with items he had acquired over the years when he was still a young, gung-ho
:iconthemagicianlord:TheMagicianLord 6 1
It's a messy world in my gallery, so enter with caution.

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Kaori Tsukiko Request by BakaShinagami Kaori Tsukiko Request :iconbakashinagami:BakaShinagami 2 11 Luminescent by Moonhawk47 Luminescent :iconmoonhawk47:Moonhawk47 3 4 MLC - commission by Cerzus69 MLC - commission :iconcerzus69:Cerzus69 145 67 Col. Hans Landa by Cerzus69 Col. Hans Landa :iconcerzus69:Cerzus69 861 344 Johnny Depp by Cerzus69 Johnny Depp :iconcerzus69:Cerzus69 245 60 Dwight Schrute by Cerzus69 Dwight Schrute :iconcerzus69:Cerzus69 296 159 Witness by hopes-darkest-light Witness :iconhopes-darkest-light:hopes-darkest-light 69 14
The Last War
Nuclear weapons always have and always will exist to serve one purpose and one purpose only: murder. Weapons by their very nature are meant to destroy, and nuclear weapons are no different, just with much more intensity. If America could just go back in time and change one thing in all of history, he would have stopped the development of those damn weapons. But that was impossible. It was far too late to change the past now.
America stood atop the pile of debris that was once a skyscraper in Washington D.C. The entire city had been wiped out with one blow. What used to be a vibrant city, bustling with life, was now no more than scattered rubble and ashes. The air was rotten and filthy; it hurt his lungs just to breathe. He couldn't even see the sun through the polluted atmosphere. There was not a single living thing, plant or animal, in sight. Nothing but ruins. Most of his country looked this way. Actually, most of the world look this way now. It seemed as if every hopeful thing, ever
:iconwintercandyapple:wintercandyapple 36 44
The Sharpie Vs Acrylic Battle by PinstripeChris The Sharpie Vs Acrylic Battle :iconpinstripechris:PinstripeChris 730 110 Little planet by Hachiimi Little planet :iconhachiimi:Hachiimi 3,808 392 In the school of life you will learn the shame by AquaSixio In the school of life you will learn the shame :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 2,762 97 The Chamburger by AquaSixio The Chamburger :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 3,778 114 Defy the sky by AquaSixio Defy the sky :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 5,329 133 Tutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough by AquaSixio Tutorial 17 A turtle walkthrough :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 17,386 513 WIP when she was six by AquaSixio WIP when she was six :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 596 32 Coeurs fondants by AquaSixio Coeurs fondants :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 6,493 250
Some amazing artwork that I stalk! :deviation:


Hello skydancer! I'll try to review your work on the few things I know about non-fiction works. :3 Overall, I'd say that this article i...

by HaneMS

Wow, just wow! It's wonderful. I am the least pickiest person when it comes to critiques about art (I am more of a literature person), ...

I enjoy recieving critiques as much as the next person, but I'll also gladly give one to you if you whether you're premium or not! I don't do critiques as often as others might, but I'll pop one out once in a while.



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Artist | Student | Literature
-queen of procrastination
-gets freak-ay on the GIMP platform
-ramen noodle addict
-currently no huge aspirations

Hi, I'm Helen. c:

I've been a deviant for the past 3 years, and I've never looked back. I applaud myself for that, considering all the rough patches I've experienced with this site.

I'm currently studying in a self-directed high school, which is turning my brain into a rotting hellhole of agony, but mostly a sense of overwhelming guilt. If you understand me, let's chat. If you don't, you can search it up. <3

I don't have a particular style, a unique format to any of my writing or artwork yet; which is why I'm fond of experimenting. I've touched on fanfiction, original stories, sketching, photography, and graphic design. <-- this one is what I'm more into at the moment.

It's a high possibility that I'm probably talking to thin air right now, since I haven't updated anything ever in 6 months, but okay.

Thanks to a little incentive from Tumblr gifs and Wattpad, I've been creating digital graphics on GIMP these past 2 months, so now I am learning a new medium. There's a system on Wattpad where people can request a cover design from people via forum chat, and I've been getting my creative juices flowing! It doesn't really matter where I'm getting my creativity from, as long as it's there somewhere.

Because of this, I've just been using dA as a stock image site for a while, but maybe I'll think about posting a few of my works here, or even some of my own stock images. I'd love to be able to give back to the Stock community just as much as they've helped me. ^^

as a little start to the awkward maybe-I'm-feeling-more-optimistic-about-writing spirit, here are a few amazing stock resources I'm featuring in my journal, most of which you can find in my favourites.

Metal-CX Abstract 52 by Project-GimpBC Grungy stuff.. by demonic-madness what time is it PNG's by photosoma 6 800x600 scans - S23 by Missesglass
15 Icon textures - 3108 by Missesglass GIMP: Skylines by hawksmont 6 flowers PNG format by ForestGirlStock Object Pack - Ribbons by iMouritsa 21 by vikyvampirs90
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