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My Bio
Hello I am The Mage of Mist and I love to draw and take photos of random stuff. I am a hobbyist photographer and gamer, and do like to draw every now and then and RP.

I am also much better with traditional art than I am with digital, but have been practicing with it and have been improving little by little.

Favourite Movies
Pokemon, Jurassic Park, Barnyard, Ponyo, My Neighbor Totero, Leafie a Hen Into The Wild and Wolf Children Ame and Yuki and more!
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Final Fantasy (Anime Series), Beezlebub, Chobits and many other animes XD
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
I like quite a lot of musics and don't really have a favorite. =P
Favourite Books
Dragon Riders of Pern
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Digimon, Creatures, Minecraft, Terraria, Sims, Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing
Favourite Gaming Platform
All sorts
Me and my dad started doubting that the eggs were fertile as the days were ticked on, but we were proved wrong! I was so scared at first when I saw the eggshells scattered about the cage, thinking Speckles struck again, as she tends to eat eggs and ate one yesterday... But NOPE, I heard little peeps and saw there was babies shuffling about under mama Fluffy! Around 3 or 4 little peepers, and possibly more hatching. Rex, the father, is super exited over them and keeps picking up the egg shells and trotting about showing them off while doing exited peeps, and Fluffy is keeping the babies nice and warm under herself, and Speckles seems very int
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Welp, I know the eggs are not likely fertilized. The female quail that was broody left the nestbox to stretch her legs, but decided she wanted to mate and was giving all the cues, body and head held low, scraping beak across ground while making low peeps... Though the male was clueless. He knew he had to do SOMETHING, though he had no idea what so he either walked over her, causing her to do agitated peeps at him, or try and climb over her but slip and fall off. She was getting so frustrated she was jumping around the cage chasing him to the spot she wanted to mate at and doing the display again, until all the frustration amounted together
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When I read that quails enjoyed blueberries, I gave them some... And they do not enjoy Blueberries... THEY LOVE THEM! And go INSANE for them! XD I gave some to my quails and not even the shy one hesitates in taking the blueberries from my hand, while she is normally a bit hesitant with taking their mealworms from me. I cut them into halves so they can get to the juicy bit better, and it is funny to watch the two females squabble over a piece while the male helplessly peeps at the food bowl with the other halves, with a berry half in his beak to try and call them over. XP My doves just look at the blueberry halves like "What the hell is this?
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Thanks for the :+fav: ^^
Thank you! Sorry for the late reply, been busy. XD
Welcome to our group :iconbig-animal-farm:

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

adampanak Founder Hug
Thank you! I am happy to be a part of the group and have plenty of photos to share. ^^
thank you for the watch :D
You are welcome! ^^