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Lambdamarine (WH40k style Gordon)

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Gordon Freeman, primarch of Lambdamarines :D

Primarch John-117:…
Primarch John Shepard:…
Primarch Marcus Fenix:…
Brother of Steel:…
Primarch Isaac Clarke:…
Primarch Darth Vader:…
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StarWars888Hobbyist General Artist

HEV Suit MK 40000

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EnriksD8Hobbyist Writer
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How Half-Life 3 will feel like.

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jack2the7ripperStudent Writer
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It;s.... It;s PERFECT
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werelightshineHobbyist General Artist
The lambda marines have special graviton guns and power crowbars, and they are the only chapter that doesn't have a 3rd company.

Perhaps however, this is only the will of the Gabe-Emperor.
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Where's his left hand? It's like Terminator battlesuit, but gun instead of arm it's more Dreadnought than just space marine.
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DJ-AppleJ-SoundHobbyist Interface Designer
This is so damn cool
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HowlingSymphonyHobbyist Digital Artist
still holding the strongest weapon ever... CROWBAR XD
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TheMaestroNoobHobbyist Digital Artist
POWER crowbar.
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HowlingSymphonyHobbyist Digital Artist
ahh! thanks for correcting me sire :D
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commanderjonasHobbyist Digital Artist
Primarch Gordon... A man who went through the great crusade and Horus Heresy and never said a word, but somehow managed to command the Lambda Marines to victory... When he disappeared nobody know where he went... He never told anyone.
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SkolasWolfKellStudent Digital Artist
That is one big-ass crowbar.
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Combine beware, for you face... the Freemarine.
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CalleahanHobbyist General Artist
HeadBang France Headbang Emoticon wow
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I was looking through my faves list and I saw this and I just wish I could favourite it again. XD
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Abrax88Professional Digital Artist
cool!!!! XD
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This is the best thing on the internet ever.
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maxprodanovProfessional Digital Artist
Best game character ever :)
I really like when he said:
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Yeahh..he said:"....."(its a wonderdul thing i ever heard)
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