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"Are you xenosing?"

Deathwatch (Special) by TheMaestroNoob 

Mature Content

Deathwatch (NSFW) by TheMaestroNoob

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Well no ChaosSpartan575, I wasn't thinking of them. Although it turns out that what I was thinking of is completely wrong anyway.... Now I could excuse myself by stating that 2 things lead me astray...
  • (1. During my time playing 'Space Marine' on the Xbox One I & a couple of friends were inducted into the Deathwatch from out of our UK Black Templar's clan. I remember being told by the 'Chapter Master' of the Deathwatch that we needed to change the colour of our armour. We were already all in black so all we needed to do was make the left poldron (shoulder pad) silver. {In the game you could only change the colouring in certain areas or the full suit of power armour and couldn't make the whole arm silver}. NOW I DO REMEMBER BEING TOLD NOT TO SHOW ANY CHAPTER ICON ON THE RIGHT POLDRON, THIS I DO REMEMBER, because I had spacificly purchased DLC with all the major Chapter fancy armour set's. Because I couldn't edit these fancy sets I was right cheesed off).
  • (2. I believed I remembered hearing a Black Library Warhammer 40'000 Audio-book By C. Z. Darling called 'Deathwatch: The Last Guardian'. Where there's this squad of Astartes on this Eldar Craft-world that has been tainted by the Demonette's of Slaanesh. Anyway I was sure it said that none of those Astartes were showing any kind of Chapter badge).

But no, I can not really, because:

Number 1.
Was way back between 2005 & 2010 & my memory isn't what it was. lol.

Number 2. I no-longer have the Audio-book by C. Z. Darling. I deleted it when it became corrupted... (Curse Slaanesh).

And so none of the above excuses can excuse me in this because I decided to check-up on all I was saying & low & behold on THIS website I found out that what I had been saying all along was a complete & utter load of B*****k's!

So... I ADMIT IT, I WAS COMPLETELY WRONGWhich brings me to why I posted all of this which probably will make no sense at all. But I had to, I had to say sorry to any & all who I've annoyed. SO AGAIN I SAY SORRY. BUT A HUGE HUGE SORRY TO YOU TheMaestroNoob the artist of this cool image. Please accecpt my apologies for... well for being an ass really, & for my post commenting upon your lack of a reply to my first comment. 

& yeah that's it. thx DeZuza.
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I notice the ARTIST hasn't responded to my CONSTRUCTIVE comment!!!!
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They do show their chapter sigil actually on the opposite pauldron to the Deathwatch logo. I believe you are thinking about the Black Shields in particular.
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The Death Watch NEVER show the Astartes Chapter icon..... So the (What appears to be) Black Templars Siegel on the right Paldron needs to go!

Sorry! Look it up if you don't believe me. There's pages & pages of 40K lore on the www!
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
Do you intend to ever do r63 versions based on Warhammer 40k categories other than by Legion?
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Zap-zapperHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there SFW version?
I really love her face
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TheMaestroNoobHobbyist Digital Artist
It is the most SFW version
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Why is it always the non-lingerie version I like more?
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only thing i can read from pauldron is "Big Tits" so i'm guessing there's a minimun "cup" you gotta fill to be on the Deathwatch?
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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
D at least
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Custodes and gray knights when?
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TheMaestroNoobHobbyist Digital Artist
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Stargazzer811Hobbyist Artist
He beat me to the realization that you only had those two left, when I thought you were done BEFORE the Deathwatch
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TritiumCG Digital Artist
Amazing (Words) 
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