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Meet the Sorcerer
Kaynağı bilinmeyen bir noktadan açılan yol, astral düzlem içinden ilerledi ve Calim çölüne dört figürü bırakıp kapandı.
İlk figür kasvetli bakışlarıyla etrafı gözledi. Üzerinde bir çok müzik aleti taşıyordu, hepsi karanlık kelimeler söyleyen rünlerle kaplıydı. Arkasındakilere döndü, birşeyler mırıldandı ve yürümeye başladı. Hemen ardından kırmızı cübbeler içinde biri geliyordu. Cübbenin kırmızısı, sürekli kanıyormuş gibi akıyor ve kumaşın üstüne hareket ediyordu. Biraz daha gerideki figür, kemikten yapılma bir zırh giymişti. En arkadan gelenleri insan olmak içi fazla iri görünüyordu. Diğer üçünü takip ederken sır
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Meet the Dwarf
Meet the Dwarf
Calim çölünde bir başka gün. Dolanmak için iyi kötü bir yer. İnce kumaştan daha kalın giyinmek için de öyle. Fakat bu gerçekler cüceyi durdurmuşa benzemiyordu. Ağır zırhlar içinde, her adımı ağırlığıyla dizine kadar kuma girerek ilerleyen cüce, bir yandan homurdanıyordu. Gerçi haline bakılırsa rahatsızlıktan ziyade alışkanlıktan dolayıydı bu. Zırhında cüce gezginlerinin tanrısı olan Marthammor Duin'in sembolünü taşıyordu, kemerinde de ince işlemeleri özel olduğunu belli eden bir balta sallanıyordu.
Hemen önünde Hexblade ve Sorceress yürüyordu. Üçü de aceleyle hareket ediyorlardı. Neden sonra cüce sesli bir şekilde homurdandı:
-"Neden uçarak gitmiyoruz anlam
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Mature content
Vault Dweller's Diary :iconthemaelstorm:themaelstorm 0 0
Diablo vs Monk by themaelstorm Diablo vs Monk :iconthemaelstorm:themaelstorm 0 1 Queen of Avoidance by themaelstorm Queen of Avoidance :iconthemaelstorm:themaelstorm 0 0
Bitter Determination
I don't believe in fate.
This world and this very instant is a composition of all the creatures and their action; whether it occurred in the past or is happening now is not important. It all ties to this instant. For every person, it's also the same story.
What we did, what we do is what we are.
When I learned my family had erased me from their memories and their minds, I knew it was becouse of my choice. They had already argued me on my previous actions, telling I would break apart from them, that I would have to lose my blood-bound family eventually. Trying to explain them that it was my only life mattered little. They would not understand. Even before I started anything, my family had brought it to a point where it was a matter of choosing between them or my plans.
I chose to follow my plans. I took my decision, they took theirs.
I remember how happy I was when I started training in magic. And I do remember how unhappy they were. I remember how proud I was when I learned my mentors
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Falling. Apart.
Gnomeregan is falling apart. Get up, get up, GET UP!
What did you do Mekkatorque? We warned you that the waste tanks weren't a good idea.

This way people! This way! Run before the radiation levels increase even more! Follow me, I'll take you through the safer roads!
This isn't good. Not at all.
This way, brother! Come with me. We'll go out through a safe route.
I can't safeguard every single gnome like this.
Madam, not there, MADAM! NO!
..Not that way... Not that way...
Too old to hear me.. or was I not loud enough? Ah, there're more incoming.
This way s-
Ah! Termobuzz, it's you! Have you seen my brother? Have you seen Gelominori?
Damn, I guess he'll make it to here soon. You know the safe route, I'll meet you outside, please help the people there, some of them are injured.
Where are you brother? Where are you?
Sir are you alright? You look.. pale. You all look very pale people. Follow me, we just had one of our best medics head ou
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The Stalker
A dry wind blew through wooden planks of Stalker, creating a ghastly wail. The ship was of Forsaken architecture. It was constructed to look rotten and sinister and being the only ship in a forsaken dock. Most would just leave this haunted looking scene, but a figure was riding to it. As if it was out of some Hallow's End story, the figure was hooded and on an armored, skeletal horse; yet it was moving swiftly and quietly.
A man showed up on the deck of the ship. He was wearing a black shirt with most buttons open and trousers made of leather, with a cutlass hanging on his red belt. A close look at him would reveal his true nature: Fitting to the story, one of his eye sockets was empty and the other housed a rotten, bloated, red eyeball. His face was partly skeletal, like the rest of his body. What little left of his hair was dancing wildly with the wailing wind. He saw the rider and moved forward on the deck. He greeted the rider and shouted with a booming, but clearly dead sound: "I
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Shaking Intrigue
"Damn! If I had such strong bones, I would never wear armor!" thought Mharla as she tried to crush the bones of Nightbane.
She heard Dacarn yell "Don't get easy on it, Clan! Fight as if it has just started!". A good advice, but they all knew it was close to being over. Mharla took a glance at everyone. They had prepared for this fight but this monster had proven much more of a menace then they could imagine.
Peeking on the other side of the beast through the bones, Mharla caught a grin on Morador's face, which was growing larger. Mharla knew of this grin. The corruption which the Warlock had woven was about to unleash its true power. Mharla tried to organize her attacks. A hit with her claw, a slash with the dagger... She waited for Morador's grin to reach its climax... and struck with best she can do.
Nightbane roared once again, but not with the power to scare anyone this time; only a desperate cry that echoed in halls of Karazhan and mountains around. The bones shook and the gargant
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M.O. - Yantar Transmutation I
The sun had started its descent some time ago. The glorious brightness was long gone and the tender shawl of sunset would soon fall upon the denizens of the zone. Marked One checked the time. Not bad, he thought, he had half an hour way left to Yantar and it was 6 PM. It would be late enough for the anomalies to accept transmutation and hopefully early enough that he could safely make it to scientists’ bunker before dawn to get some easy and safe sleep after the transmutation.
He made it to Yantar with fifteen minute delay becouse of a blind dog group led by a psuedo. His ammo was getting low. Marked One decided to get done with the transmutation first, then sort out his artefacts and ammunition at the Scientist Bunker. He brought out Shelly, his veteran binoculars. Shelly told Marked One that the way was clear. He was peeking at some broken pipes just outside the Lab X16. A series of momentary memories suddenly passed through his mind. A snork jumping out  from darkness
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Marked One - Prologue
So, Lenechka. You are determined to enter the zone, eh? Well, I won’t try to stop you any further. You have a fiery soul that I dare not challenge. However, I won’t let you go without lending whatever support I can.
You don’t actually know about how life is in the Zone. That will make you fresh meat for scavangers. Let me tell you a few stories about the legendary Stalker,  the so-called Marked One, so you learn some stuff. Now don’t look at me like that. I may look like a quite old man, but I always found such endeavours very interesting, although at my current conditions, I can’t do anything but tell stories of legends…
Anyway. Our story begins in a dark night. A dark, rainy night. One of the loners find a living stalker among many corpses. What exactly is a stalker? Well, hard to give a definite and single explanation. Stalkers are people who enter the Zone, find artefacts and sell them to traders or other.. business partners. And artefacts ar
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The Fellowship
Months ago, the side entrance to Karazhan…
“Ahoy mates! I have to tell something! Gather around!”
Hm? Isn’t it Pega? Oh, well. I can hear it from here.
“Some of our friends had some problems, thus, we will delay the raid on Illhoof to tomorrow. So how ab…”
I need not hear any longer. Bah. I wanted to kick that elf-born bastard’s ass. Gee, Mharla, you’ve changed or what girl? Raiding on big bad monkeys and eager of this? Bah. Hmm. Duskwood is close, I should have some good-ol’ Shadow fun.
Then she jumped down, into the river. There she saw, a gnome. He wore a robe of brown color and a hat stylish. In one hand he had a black book, in the other, a lantern. His eyes remained calm as he watched Mharla jump down, get out of water and draw weapons when she saw him.
Hm… He can’t be this calm! There must be others around! Damn. A trap?
“Relax, Forsaken. I am not here to fight you or have you beaten. I am beyond such meager struggl
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“..therefore swear to uphold the  ideals…”
    “..Sir, was it the bandits…”
    “..fear not, I will…”
    “…Knights of the Silver Hand!”
    “..we shall investigate this  plague..”
    “..even the Paladins are  effected..”
    “..dead have risen as undead..”
    “Prince Arthas has gone too  far..”
    “..aid the remains of  Stratholme…”
    “..Prince is gone..”
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PipStorm by themaelstorm PipStorm :iconthemaelstorm:themaelstorm 3 13 Three Pokemon by themaelstorm Three Pokemon :iconthemaelstorm:themaelstorm 0 10
Twin Sword Master
Twin Sword Master
Some have their family to protect and confront them in hard times. Some have companions to rely on fatal situations. I have my blades.Never they betray,never they disobey. They are not simply weapons. They are my comrades,my brothers,my protectors. Many a life have ended on their edges.. mine starts there. The sole purpose of my life is to learn and to develop new techniques with those twin claws of mine. I feel alive only when swinging them right at the enemy.They are counterparts;two halves of one,two arms of mine. Unseperate, indifferent. Like two mirrors facing each other, they are more than identical. You wouldn’t guess which one is the true death coming your way...if not both.
One day I will learn to wield them perfectly symmetric and perfectly fatal. Till there is no enemy left that can stand before this dance of blades, I will observe and learn.
There are many who specialize in fighting with two weapons. However, none are as specialized and persistent as
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