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FMA: Let them TRY to stop me

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Guess who has internet again?!

I'm kinda proud of this and it didn't take me very long to do.

Edward Elric at his best--about to kick some serious arse.

He's about 19 yrs here and has rejoined the military after he and Al return to their alchemic world. He went under Hawkeye's wing to learn how to handle a gun since he doesn't want to rely on alchemy.
This takes place after COS and is also my AU story thingy.

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Great Pic. What story did you draw it for? I LOVE that kind!
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One Word ......... AWSOME !!!!
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Eeep! Ed's a smexy beast here!
I'm sorry, my inner fangirl is running wild. Great work!
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your forgot his automail
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wow! ur so good at drawing poses. I love the idea with Ed with a gun <3 <3...
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You're too kind! I did use a ref for the gun though. ^^;
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I would too, I fail at guns haha :)
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His uniform<33 I love his pose, his arm creating the alchemy is just awesome :D
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I love Ed in the uniform--can't help myself. XD
Thank you, deary!! ^___^
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He reminds me of Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil in this picture... :XD:
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Holy crap, you're right!! LOL!!
I didn't see it before! Maybe he's going to kill some zombies instead? XD
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I think it's the clothes and hair xDD

That would be awesome! :dummy: zombie fighting Edward Elric.
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I always wanted to draw something like that! Or even make a little story where Central has an outbreak.
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That's actually a really cool idea. :3 You're not the only one who thought about doing a FMA zombie outbreak story.
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Oh I know. My fiance was talking about something like this a while ago.
He's a HUGE RE man whore--he says so himself. XD
But yah, that would be awesome. I think you inspired my muse and I thank you! :D
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Aah! :lol: Now I see how you know Leon Kennedy, I myself am a pretty good fan.

I did? :iconrlyplz: Yay! I'm helpful.
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Oh yes and its because of him that I don't like the movies.
Why do I say this? Because he got me into the games. I love the games and the story.
The movies (with the exception of the 4th one 'cause I still haven't seen it) were terrible. Some elements were cool I'll admit--one word why I hate the movies--ALICE. D:<
Oh dear am I ranting? So sorry! ^^;
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WHAT, ED STILL HAS ALCHEMY? *looking at his hand*

VERY NICE. :D And he has all his limbs back!?
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You'll just have to read the series to find out! :D
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Noooo. xD I can't wait! NOOOOO
TheMadWoman-Ellie's avatar
Patience is a virtue! :D
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