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FMA: Can't Let You Go Royed

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I just fixed up the coloring on it. I'm trying to get my drawing muse back...its slowly coming back to me...figures that RoyEd is the inspiration for me. XD XD
I remember sketching this while watching CoS...wishing so badly that Roy actually grabbed onto his chibi rather than letting him walk away.
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Oct 3, 2010, 3:12:13 AM
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D'Aww. Yeah, that would've been soo cute! :aww:
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I-I remember watching it and thinking the s-s-same thing!!-sobs-
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I have to say...that sun face is creepy...just sayin'. XD XD

I know! I can't but think that CoS has very light implied Royed...because I can think whatever I want. XD
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lol we're probably delusional for everybody else, but yeah I thought it was nicely implied ;D

...:icontearplz: lmao Ima pick on youuXD
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LOL Totally!

LOL NOOOOO!! Keep it awwwaaayyy from meeeee!!! Heellpp!!!

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i put this pick in my royxed slide show on youtube!!!do u want the link to watch it??? :D
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Awesome! Yes please I'd love to watch! :D
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[link] theres the link! :D will ya subsrcim channel too??? plz :) i do alot of royed stuff and i put up a bunch of daen douinss :)
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THe ending to the movie was so unsatisfactory to me, too! I love this by the way. ^^
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Yah I agree! It looks like there should be a sequel.
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In my imagination, Armstrong throws one of Winry's wrenches high enough to wallop him. Thereby making it easy for Roy to pick up Ed and carry him off. Or something like that.
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Hehe I like it!! Knock out the shrimp so he can't leave!!
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This makes me want to watch CoS right now(aside from the fact that I need to watch it for a one-shot I'm writing), but alas it's all packed in boxes :noes:
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I so wanted Roy to grab Ed too. There was a moment where it would have so worked for Roy to grab him, kiss him, and whisper "Don't go...I need you here by my side" ...*pauses* INSPIRATION!!!!!! This just inspired me to write a one shot. You don't mind do you? We need a RoyxEd ending to CoS!
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Of course I don't mind!!! Write AWAY!!!!
I feel all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about all the fluffy RoyxEd or 'Red' as I like to call it.
"Spread the Red!" XD XD
Please let me know when you finish it!! :)
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LOVE IT! Ed looks so helpless, and Roy looks PISSED! Heh, this may be an old picture, but it's wonderful!
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Thanks so much! Thats how I wanted it to look! Roy's very pissed...he's not letting Edward leave ever again. ^__^
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i wanna cry when i look into that pic...
:+fav: and llama 4 U ;)
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Ah! You're too kind!
Sorry for making ya wanna does eventually get better! ^^
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damn fine work ^-^
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I LOVE your anti edwin smiley face with a chain saw!! Get rid of the cliche/forced pairing!!!
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woot I am always glad to spread the EdWin hate! XD Winry suuuuuuux
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