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Star Wars Episode VII - Triptych Part One

Done in more or less the same style as my previous poster, this one is part of a triptych that will include the returning characters from the original movies, the first being Luke Skywalker.

Full disclosure: A part of the moutain scenery was taken from the Mondo poster of "John Carter". I try not to use official artwork as often as possible. However, I used the John Carter art in a temporary capacity, before adding in my own background. After working on it for while, I realized it worked beautifully as it was and decided to leave it like that. A lot of hours were still spent on the rest of the image, I assure you.

* Clouds
by Thy-Darkest-Hour [link]

* Cliff rocks
by The-strawberry-tree [link]

* Smoke brushes (dust)
by Tezrin [link]

* Lightsaber flare [link]
by daWIIZ [link]

* Moutains [link]
by MD-Arts [link]

*Planet [link]
by Mr-Frenzy [link]

*Sunset sky
by #resurgere [link]

*Jedi [link]
by rpf9ihh [link]
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...were you aware this is being sold as a poster on Amazon? Along with what I think are some other artworks of yours (but possibly other SW fans')?…
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Wow I know that my posters are regularly sold on eBay but it's the first time I've seen them on Amazon. Will look into it, thank you!
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This is so AWESOMELICIOUS!!!!!! Is the planet Geonosis or Mustafar? I can't really tell ^^; :dummy::dummy::dummy::dummy::dummy::dummy::dummy::dummy:
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Sublime work that is majestic.
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Beautiful. I love the mysteriousness of this and the beauty of the scenery. Awesome job.
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Your poster is amazing. But I don't really like the supposed new logo. I prefer they keep the original font.
Go on this is amazing such authenticity
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Amazing work, such great detail! It's amazing due to the simpleness of the design but great execution!
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This is amazing. Looking forward to the rest! Excellent work.
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