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Star Wars Episode VII Teaser

When I heard the news that a new Star Wars movie was in production, I knew I had to create a poster, despite never having seen the original trilogy (blasphemy, I know...)

Then last week, a rumor started (that turned out to be false) saying that Zack Snyder was planning a standalone movie inspired by Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai". That's when I decided on the simple concept of a lone Jedi standing in a field under the starry sky of a galaxy far, far away.



Subject: Darth Nonymous
Taken by: Ria Frequency
Camera: Cannon T3iOur

Website: [link]

by QAuZ [link]

by Mithgariel [link]

by Mr-Frenzy [link]

by romscuderia [link]

by aloschafix [link]
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I admittedly like this more than the final single sheet art.
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the date is December 2015 not May
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This was created years ago, when it was scheduled for May 2015...
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oh I didn't know that
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Outstanding. I wouldn't let CochiseMFC butcher your work though.
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Is there a possibility that you can create a desktop wallpaper version of this? Ugh I want it so bad!!Drool  ... Maybe I'll try and make it myself.
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I love how this is both simple and complex at the same time.
Hype systems are coming online.
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Pretty badass for someone who hasn't seen it :) More please
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So this image is making the rounds within the industry as legit. Comment?
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im excited for this movie to come out
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This is awesome
i heard the rumour. Is it really false? that's too bad, i was looking forward to a remake.
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Still probably going to be better than anything Abrams will come up with.
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awesome artwork buddy!
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Dude, you should DEFINITELY make this into a wallpaper. Would be AMAZING.
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Legend speaks of one created by the Force itself, one who would balance the Light and Dark side and unify all things.

The Jedi believed that Anakin Skywalker was the fulfilment of that prophercy...

They were wrong.

But two generations later, in the face of a war against an evil far more terrible than the most horrible creation of the Dark Side, the last of a legendary line must do what no one else before them has done...

And find the Chosen One

Walt Disney Pictures presents, in association with Lucasfilm...

A J. J. Abrams Film...

Star Wars Episode VII - The Vergance of the Force
Kind of ironic that you used that lens flair on the lightsaber considering JJ Abrams is directing. :D
Awesome and unique, nothing to add. Respects from Germany!
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Good sense of design
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this page used this poster
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I doubt it's with your consent. If it is though disregard this but your amazing poster is being used by others online. Just thought you should know, BTW, love your work.

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