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Star Wars Episode VII - Poster Update

Another poster for the upcoming seventh installment of the Star Wars saga. Unlike my previous two posters, I chose to convey a sense of action and urgency by having the jedi running in the heat of battle. Also, the whole atmosphere of this poster is more modern and slick, approximating what a Star Wars movie directed by JJ Abrams might look like (notice the mandatory flying sparks and lens flare!). For the first time, I opted to show the face of a character choosing the charismatic Michael Fassbender, once rumored to be in talks for a part.

Because of the very specific pose of the Jedi, I had to mash-up and warp a dozen images together to create it. Please excuse any body awkwardness!


:iconjagged-eye: (with model StarryMuse) :iconstarrymuse:
*Jedi Body Assets




*Dust and Smoke

*Lens flares


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Top notch job with compositing the Jedi together. 
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Vader: "No. Don't you see? We don't have to run away anymore!"
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Thank you! Let me compliment you on your work as well, it's amazing.
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Thanks! I've just found your work, and I must say you've done some amazing stuff yourself. Definitely inspiring work! 

Do you have any tips when it comes to getting work/commissions in that field? Have you had any big franchise commissions? 

Thanks again! 
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Never had any commissions for big franchises, but did some freelance work for independant productions, some in Montreal where I live.

I don't have any real tips except to keep making artwork, embracing the conventions (while aiming to improve them) and always watermark you work ;)
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Cool man, thank you for the tips and such! Yeah, I've forgotten to watermark my work before.. never ends well, lol. 

Take care!  :)
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Reminds me of the 12 Years a Slave poster...cept it's Star Wars and Fassbender is the good guy running the opposite way lol
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I was wondering how long it would take for someone to mention that haha! My PSD file name for the poster was actually "12 Years A Jedi".
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I hope the movies are just as good as these posters :heart:.
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Unfortunately, they turned out to be shit.
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this is amazing esp for doing what u said you did 
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