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Bond 50 - 50 Years of Bond

The challenge was to feature all six actors who have played James Bond throughout the years in a single setting. The photos of the actors also needed to be current, to make it appear as if they had reunited for one commemorative photoshoot to celebrate this milestone.

I really hope they do something like this for the occasion but in the meantime, here's what it might look like!

Light version with only the logo here [link]
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Love this! My boss has his 50 year birthday tomorrow, and he's a huge bond fan. And our office has a tradition of doing funny photoshops for memorable milestones and making them our zoom virtual backgrounds for the day. My wife found this and super-imposed his face on a couple of bonds. While this is just for an intra-office gag, but it's only possible because of your great work. So I have a question before going further: we're a tech and geeky org, and I wanted to make this an NFT. This would not be to make *any* money - I have zero notoriety. It's to add to the fun value since my boss is super-geeky as well. If I figure out how to post it, I'd credit you of course and mention the original art and artist. If any body actually buys it, I'd either give you the funds or donate them to whatever you wanted. If you have concerns with this though, please do let me know. Thank you again for your creation.

Hello perfect work. Do you have in high res for sale?

Hi Is this image available for purchase , i have a client who wants us to print and install into media room , very high end house which is up for some awards. Please email me .
Great work. Can you provide a higher quality print version. I will pay for that. Please send me an email.

Best rgds & THX Thomas
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I PMed you for a higher quality version. Great job!!
Where can I buy this?
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Send me a private message: I have a higher quality version ready to print.
How can I send you a private message. THX Thomas
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I love it! I love the photoshoot concept but it would be great if there could be a version of the older Bonds in their prime.
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This 50 years of Bond is fantastic!  The wife and I are Bond fans - and love this image!    We have a DIY theater we built in our basement and would love to display this (enlarged on fabric)  in our home theater.  Any chance we could donate, beg, buy, or barter;  in order to obtain a higher resolution version that would be suitable to enlarge for display in our private space?   Thanks in Advance! 
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Great concept and execution to Show what the actor look like at this moment

I Wonder if George ever made another movie
Really, really cool work!
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Did you hear that they're planning something like this for the Oscars? They just need Sean Connery to sign on and they'll have all six.
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Oh that would be extremely cool! I'd like to think that Connery would agree if all the others were game for it.
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Well he hasn't said no. So there's still hope. It would be awesome to see.
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Imagine seeing all the Bonds walk up on stage after Adele's Skyfall number last Sunday...GRrr!

This was the last and only time all of these men could be together for a special occasion unless Connery really did found the Holy Grail of immortality and shared it with his co-Bonds...
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So it didn't happen? I didn't get around to watching the Oscars this year. That's too bad. I'm saddened by that.
I love this!! I'm a big fan of the James Bond films.
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coool!! me liikee!!!
Can I use this image as my default background on the new James Bond website I am creating? Credit will be given to you!

Also I have purchased a canvas print from Ebay that is an identical photo without "50 years of Bond" on it. I was wondering if it has copyright, because i think he may have stolen your image my friend :(
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