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Avengers // INFINITY WAR

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Here is my final poster for Marvel's AVENGERS - INFINITY WAR.

I based the design off the recent trend of very colorful Marvel one-sheets, while the composition is meant to be reminiscent of the classic vintage cover for THE INFINITY GAUNTLET.…

THANOS Gauntlet by:
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This is awesome. I like how you use the tag line from the original first issue
Fuschia1600's avatar
add dead heros like quicksilver and yondu and new heros like the wasp and captain marvel
PaladinPainter's avatar
Looks pretty good Cat nods 
Wow! This is amazing! 
KeenbeetalART's avatar
It is a great work.
Zidneya's avatar
Why are ant-man and Hawkeye on the poster?
AgentCrazy2's avatar
They aren't in the movie, aka THEY'VE BEEN SPARED
theschwa1313's avatar

snape kills dumbledore
ashbasher22's avatar
Incredible film. :)
lightman2120's avatar
AngeredIrken03's avatar
This movies gonna make me cry like a bitch; I can already tell
PhoenixGalaxy's avatar
AngeredIrken03's avatar
I was right
I kinda hate myself for it
C-blaze21's avatar
So Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
I just saw the movie myself.
Pray it's not the end.
cosmoshero's avatar
They'll need at least 3 more movies before they can end this
C-blaze21's avatar
That's so true.
Pray we don't have to wait too long for the next one (after Ant Man & Wasp that is).
TreeSkywalker's avatar
I literally just finished Infinity war ,so heart breaking :(
Longinas's avatar
This deserves all the attention it's getting. Amazing stuff!
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Cool work of Art!!
MrDaveCZ's avatar
Infinity war is coming. Waiting is so hard.
gamerghost-12's avatar
Awesome work!!!👌👌
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