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Alienation (Alien 5) Teaser



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A poster concept for what a new ALIEN film might look like, directed by Neill Blomkamp and starring a returning Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley.  It's based off this particular promo photo from the first ALIEN:…

The fictional title was chosen because I didn't want just a cheesy subtitle à la RESURGENCE or RETRIBUTION. In fact, I wanted something similar to the first film, where its title has two meanings ("alien" as in something foreign and unknown, but also an extra-terrestrial creature).

So this title plays on both the word "alienation" (Ripley forever being isolated from everyone else because of her experience with the Xenomorphs) and "alien nation", which could be tied into the plot somehow. I dunno, it just sounded cool...

A textless and lighter version can be found here:…
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Great job!