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Leah RoA ref :art SnowTheWolf:

AUDITION "Detatched Dimension": START HERE
ROUND 1 vs ~SprayPaintHavoc w/ Rehn "A Battle Of Wits": START HERE

Additional notes: Leah is assimilating the nature of Aleria, so as the race progresses the exotic plants of Aleria will be growing on her, more and more. *SnowTheWolf, who drew this, added some Alerian flora to this ref. Also, she wears an elasticated bandolier for holding money, etc. It was a gift from Chouko, she didn't pass the audition.

:iconsnowthewolf: very kindly drew art of Leah for my #Race-of-Aleria ref. So, here we go.


AGE ∞?


"SPECIES" elemental guardian of Nature. The only one. I'd say this transcends the concept of "Species".

HEIGHT 1st Form 2 foot 8, 2nd Form 3 foot 6, 3rd Form 5 foot 2.

ABILITIES/STRENGTHS In her home dimension, as elemental guardian of Nature, she had complete control over plants, being able to attack with thorned vines and defend with huge trunks and forcefields of life-force. However, in Aleria, so far away from her own dimension, things aren't so easy... also, as an elemental guardian, she is able to shift between three forms (as linked to above). Larger forms are more powerful, but slower, and can only be used for a period of time. It can also take energy out of Leah, and in Aleria it's hard to replenish... Should the worst happen, let it be known that although Leah's body will perish, her soul will not. It will remain within her lifeless body or remains. A willing individual can choose to be anointed or injected with the remains, which injects the soul into the body. This will cause them to transform into Leah. They will lose all of their originial identity and memory, as they become Leah, with her mind and identity fresh from the moment she perished. Everyone knows about Soul Transfer in her own dimension, but on Aleria...

WEAKNESSES Fire. Being a being 100% plant matter, fire will cause Leah to burn up into a smouldering pile of ash. Maybe it will be too late to tell of Soul Transfer if the fire is strong enough...
Heat, Ice and Cold. Extremes of temperatures will cause Leah's plantgrowth to become stunted, sapping her of energy.
Wind: Although her trunk-thick legs are sturdy, wind will blow her brush tail and backbrush about, and may cause her to lose balance and lose energy.
Sharp things: the mossy tree-trunk legs are very suspect to taking damage from blades, enough hits from enough sharpness can chop them completely. It takes time and energy for legs to connect themselves back together, or to regrow them.

PERSONALITY AND MANNERISMS Calm usually, but upper forms have a more forceful voice, but only forceful because of her destiny to protect nature. To protect what she is... She likes to think things out and take things in. Not one to rush to conclusions unless absolutely neccesary.

HISTORY In her dimension, there are seven elemental guardians that are borne from elements and protect them. This has been done for eternity. After Kai, elemental guardian of Air, was lost from her dimension, Leah volunteered to travel through Viktor(eg of Electricity)'s Dimensional Portal to rescue her. However, a horrible miscalculation caused Leah to end up travelling to a dimension much further away...

That old clay model will end up scrapped.
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Leah'd have a hard time up against someone with fire, wouldnt she? XD
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Ironically, she eventually got matched that way XD
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Sorry, another Leah question xD Would she be able to lift or move plants in a manner of telekinesis, or can she only grow them out of the ground?
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i was gonna say your drawing had suddenly got really good. then i saw someone else had drawn it....
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Oops. I'm sure I made it clear in the title, shame dA doesn't support brackets in titles...
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nah its probs me not paying attention. you should know that. youve known me all my life
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Ah, the History part really does help explain things for your audition (and I didn't say this before, but interesting OC you've got here) ^^ I see you editted the audition itself, too--I'll leave a comment there after I've read the new section. Much easier to follow things now ;3
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Thanks for the compliments!
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Much welcome! C:
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Interesting character, and I like the design. ^^
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