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.: You knew, He Was The Solution :.

"All this time you knew, YOU KNEW he was the solution to the problem!"
- ElfQuest, album 47

More ElfQuest pictures are coming up!
Was on a big shoot with two lovely Elf girls, and here are some of the wonderful pictures we where able to get.
Ember & Skywise's relation ship is really adorable, they have this "Big-brother"/"Little-sister" thing going on, even though they where set up as more at some point, but I think this description fits them the best.

Skywise teaching (teasing) Ember in how to lead her people, but with such grace that she learns to think for herself and only give her clues to the solutions of the tribes problems.

.. Cosplays are crafted and worn by ourselves ..


Character: Ember :heart:

Character: Skywise

Author: Wendy & Richard Pini :heart:


:iconhonosuke: Photographer & Editor :heart:

Helpers at photoshoot :heart:
:iconeaster-centaur: :iconlearningskillsperny: :iconawacko:


More pictures from these cosplays:

.: Skywise :. by TheLupin    ''It was amazing I tell you!'' by Zuum  
+ Striking the leader-pose + by Zuum
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Thank you very much :aww:
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So much babu in one picture :la: :heart:

You two look so perfect as Skywise and Amber :heart:
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Thank you ma girl!!!
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This is just 2 awesome for words!!!!
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yaaaay comic page recreation! my only critique? the lack of Skywise's trademark grin! why the solemn face Skywise??!
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Hahaha, thank you!
And yes, I have no idea what I was doing...... I guess it was because I remembered him being at shock when Ember grabbed him, and then these where the first pictures on the shoot, so I guess I wasn't "warmed-up" if you can call it that + I have braces so I can't make it "grin" even though I REALLY want to ^^;
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maybe it would have been a good idea to have printed out the page before the shoot? or heck, read that particular story online before the shoot to get in the mood. and i've seen people do WONDERFUL things with photoshop for elfquest cosplay! you could have used some kind of program to "remove" the braces.

also, i didn't get to say this but the Ember is gorgeous...i'm all for "anyone can be any character" but i'm always thrilled when someone accurately does the character, right down to the skintone!though the wig could a brighter red. but i'm a perfectionist so..XD
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Well, we did read up on the story, we are both HUGE ElfQuest fans - and sorry none of us had a printer or scanner so none of us could have printed the pages, so we just had to do with what we remembered and what was possible. - we did what we did with the time we had, it's not easy being out on a photoshoot - specially not in these costumes.
I know one can do wondrous with photoshop, but honestly removing braces (been there done that) it doesn't look good :/ so I would rather pose with my mouth closed, because even that can be hard I tell you (I ain't a pro model, just a cosplayer)

Thank you very much, I'll be sure to give on your compliment for my fellow cosplayer :heart: She'll be delighted to hear it :)
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well i can understand technological sucks but it happens! though maybe a really big close lipped smile would have worked? it's still trademark skywise, but not showing enough teeth to show the braces maybe? ah well. it's kind of a moot point anyway considering the picture is done and taken! i would think it'd be thrilling walking around in an Elfquest costume...hell, i walked around a city trying to find a freakin memory card in a Princess Serenity gown and wig!..a lot of people took pictures, it was flattering...especially cause i'm a bit chubby...XD but i would totally walk around comfortably in an Ember cosplay!...then again, i live in Florida were it's nice and warm...XD
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Yesss, and I do so on a lot of other of my ElfQuest pictures in my gallery.
I think I've explained all I can on the matter.
And I do love walking around in costumes myself, done so many times.
- Just Skywise has his limits as I'm open-chest-binded, and that is not very comfortable and VERY expensive and it can sadly damage ones skin if one is not careful (been there done that)
And I can say on ~Zuum's behalf that Ember is not a very comfortable cosplay - she is practically "naked" and Denmark is a very cold country, so nope, we are not wearing these longer than absolutely necessary and these pictures WHERE, and we are really happy with what we got :) :heart:
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I wanted to write something awesome here, but I can't because of feels! ;3;/ 
I could not have wished for a better Skywise! :heart: :heart:
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Hahaha I know what you mean, so right back at ya my wonderful Ember :love:!
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I luv dat face u making x3 So cute ^^
TheLupin's avatar
Hahaha thanks X'D (even though it really just is my "I have no idea what I'm doing face")
ToldenNightMare's avatar
I though it was you "Please forgive me" face... Hmm... Close enogh! :D
TheLupin's avatar
Hahaha well, yes close enough X'D
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Oh wow. Absolutely stunning! 
TheLupin's avatar
Thank you very much =D
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