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.: The Lodestone :.

Cutter "... Hey - ! Look at that! No matter HOW it spins --- "
Skywise "--- It ALWAYS ends up pointing in the same direction ! ! "

More people from this great photoshoot!
We had such a nice time, and I'm so thrilled to finally have some new pictures to show. :heart:

.. Cosplays are crafted and worn by ourselves ..


Character: Cutter

Character: Skywise

Author: Wendy & Richard Pini :heart:


:iconhonosuke: Photographer & Editor :heart:

:iconlillyndk: Helper at photoshoot :heart:

:iconalsquall: Creator of my sword :heart:

More pictures from the photoshoot on: [link]
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channelgirl's avatar
Best ever Skywise!
TheLupin's avatar
:blush: Thank you so much!
Dragonair13's avatar
Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful Elfquest cosplay.
TheLupin's avatar
Wao... awhh thank you so very much! :w00t:
Dragonair13's avatar
You're so welcome! ^-^
VernaJast's avatar
This. Is. Amazing. I grew up reading Elf Quest and you just...nailed hard. Of course, I read it before I knew what being gay was, really, much less that you could slash characters or that I was gay (though now that I think about it, I'm sure there was at least one canon same-sex pairing). Um, lol, anyway, I just wanted to say this is beautiful (the whole series of photos is) and perfect.
TheLupin's avatar
Thank you so very much! :w00t: Makes us really happy to hear that from a fellow ElfQuest fan!
Very interesting :aww:
CreeppingDeath's avatar
This is so awesome!
Solbjoerg's avatar
Jeg tror ikke jeg fik sat nok ord på det jeg mener - Jeg vil sige at I cosplayer det jeg drømmer om at gøre !
Det er så gennemført det I gør ! Igen: Helt fantastisk ! (;
TheLupin's avatar
:blushes: Ihhh, virkelig mange tusind tak !
Du kan tro det også har været en lang og næsten umulig drøm for os - men det at vi fik det gjort og det faktum at vi virkelig er glade for resultatet, gør at vi ikke kunne være mere glade! :w00t:
Zarsu's avatar
You two are just perfect ;w;
TheLupin's avatar
Gosh thank you so much! :w00t::heart:
Solbjoerg's avatar
Helt fantastisk !
TheLupin's avatar
Mirazie's avatar
*sigh* I've faved too many pictures from this shoot already :heart: but it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose ;w;
TheLupin's avatar
awwwhh :heart: I know... Been horrible at trying to stop uploading from it! :XD:
Easter-Centaur's avatar
Ubububu! I to altså!! I have no words :heart: :heart:
Jeg må altså til at læse serien nu hvor alle bare ser så mega godt ud og taler så godt om den :heart:

Danglish for the win!!
TheLupin's avatar
Ihhh... Taaakkk!!! :heart::heart::heart:

[link] <---- Du kan læse den her - under "The Original Quest" læs de 21 links der er ;) You will not regret it! :D
Easter-Centaur's avatar
Awesome! Thanks a lot!! *w*
TheLupin's avatar
Your so very welcome - will gladly share the love of ElfQuest :heart:
Easter-Centaur's avatar
Feels like I was dropped in the middle of the story, but perhaps it just starts that way?
TheLupin's avatar
Well it's starts off with getting to know a kind-off pre-story about how the elf's came to the land of two moons - and then how their hate towards humans started. :)
Easter-Centaur's avatar
Ah okay :) And does Skywise have a broken arm while that happens or did I skip too far ahead? :P
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