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.: I See Fire - Kili and Fili :.

Quite often certain actors inspires me so much that I feel the urge to try and capture the feelings they give me.
After watching hours of “Behind The Scenes” of “The Hobbit” I took notice in one particularly clip. It wasn’t specified what scene the brilliant actor Dean O’Gorham (Fili) is portraying in the 2 second clip. But what I saw made me loose my breath – it was so small, yet it just spoke a million words, emotions and pictures for me. (
Honestly I don’t know why exactly I wanted to try and draw it…. it just simply felt right somehow to give it a go.

The brothers Kili & Fili pierced my heart right from their first appearance.
Their charm and cunning nature really inspired me so much, not to mention that emotionally state they place me in. The important bound of family. Of holding on and not fearing to show the world that family and home means everything to them.

“My place is with my brother” – Fili (The Hobbit; Desolation Of Smaug)
This line kept repeating it self over and over in my mind – it was so strongly delivered that it just left this huge imprint on me, and which along with the screen-capture picture of Dean’s “practise” actually made the essence of this drawing.

The drawing is basically made in what I still would call my “own-messy-style”, which is basically me just throwing lines where ever I feel like it.
– I actually coloured the entire piece but I felt it ruined it all, so I faded it all out – the importance of this picture wasn’t getting the texture right, nor making sure my lines where clean… No, what was important for me with this was to capture some strong face-expressions which Dean & Aiden (Fili&Kili) provides.

The music I heard during making this was “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran – which is a music number that practically makes me tear up every time… Along with “DOS” soundtrack scores as “Kingsfoil” & “Beyond The Forest”. – I listed this up, because music means so much to me when I draw.
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Oh my Mahal, I have never seen a more emotional portrait than this......... I want to go cry now.........
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Wow this is so nice! ^-^ I love the colours and Fili's facial impression. Very nice work!
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Thank you so very much :w00t: !
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This is beautiful.... I love these dwarves so much, and you have captured their emotions stunningly. It is making me tear up...  Their bond of brotherhood is so pure and selfless,  I try emulate it with my own siblings.   I am right there with you when it comes to those songs, they get me right here Heart I listen to them when I am writing and or doing art, or if I just want to make myself an emotional mess ;)  Would you mind if I shared this to my Facebook page?…
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Hi, thank you so much for your kind words :aww:
And I totally agree with you - I have a younger sister who I automatically relate to Kili all the time, and I get this "big-sister-protection-mode" for. My sister and I are very close, so I get very easily attached to characters that holds the same values. 
And yes... the music is ever so inspiring in any sort of creative media :) :heart:

And yes ofc, I really delighted that you want to share my art on your page (going to join it!) Just please remember to add my name and Deviant Art on it okay? ;)
Elyssium-Lissadell's avatar
Oh Thank-you so much! I am so excited to have found you :) I have five younger siblings and I am fiercely protective of all of them even my older brother, ;)  so I think I might have more the Fili/Thorin role ;) I also get really attached in the same way, and lets just face it, those two are adorable :D      I will let you know when I post your art :)
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Sure is happy you found me too :aww:!
Haha, yeah I totally have the Fili role, it's quite a great and uplifting feeling to have.
Okay and thank you, will look forward to see it :heart:
Elyssium-Lissadell's avatar
  Yes it is uplifting that is for sure!  Although the Kilis in our lives do not always appreciate us being protective or being the voice of reason. But where would they be with out us ;). I am certain you make a wonderful Fili to your sister, even if she dose not always like it.  :) I just posted your picture !…   Once again thank-you so much !! OH your Photography work is simply amazing !!!!
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Hahaha, I don't want to sound like a "wonder-child" but my sister really is appreciative of me - and I of her. Guess that's why we are so close :)
Thank you so much for posting my drawing, I'm really super happy about it, also left it a comment :aww:

Photography work? I don't believe I've posted much of that really.
I do loads of cosplay if that's what u mean? :)
Elyssium-Lissadell's avatar
 I saw you comment I was going to message you from my personal page to thank you, but I did not want you to think I was being creepy.    
I am close with my siblings as well :) I think they all appreciate me, well maybe not my older brother as much, I think I my constant counseling annoys him a little  ;) and the fact that everyone assumes I am the oldest.
Your cosplays are amazing, I am just starting to get a feel for it myself :) I have always loved dressing up but Now I have something to call it that sounds cooler ;)
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Haha, awh, that would have been okay :aww:

It sounds wonderful - I wish I had an older brother, or had been the older brother. But in general it's just wonderful to have family and one you are close to and love :)

Why thank you so much!
Cosplay really is a wonderful hobby (expensive as hell) but it's wonderful to be so creative and to show a different love to a character. I'm gonna jump the gun this Spring and start on a Fili costume together with my sister as Kili - it'll be super hard, but we are up for the challenge :)
So I most defiantly think you should try it out if you feel like it ;)
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I like your "own messy style" a lot! And you've captured so many feeling on this drawing!
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Thank you so very much, that means a lot to me :aww: :heart:
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Wow, I TOTALLY feels you, for reals, about these two. I had a lot of fun watching the Behind The Scenes footage, they're ALL so funny and lovable, and it made me obsess over the movies and actors even more! I've been fangirlling over it for the last two months! :giggle:

 I'm really close to my own sibling, so that's probably why I love Fili and Kili so much - yeah, sure, they're totally gorgeous, but it's so much more than that. They really shine, yes they do! I just love when Kili goes "You must be Mr Boggins!"... GAH! He's so cute. And Fili and all his knives! :iconomgsocuteplz: I always htought that Kili really wanted to prove himself and wanted to be just like his brother...

 Aidan and Dean are both brilliant; after watching the Hobbit I checked out what I could of Being Human (the UK version) and I saw some things from The Almighty Johnsons which Dean is in... Unfortunately I couldn't find anything more than just clips *sigh....* And you just can't help but love them, they're so dang adorable.

 ANYWAY. This is seriously lovely! I LOVE how this came out, looking at Fili's expression is just...Major feels, seriously. I love this...Fili's braids!! Oh my god. I love how you did his braids. And Kili's hair is super majestic! You did a great job keeping them in your style, but making them look realistic at the same time! I love this! :D Sorry for babbling, I couldn't help myself when I get into Fili-Kili-fangirl-mode! :D :giggle:

Great job, I love it :D
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Thank you ever so much for such a strong long comment :aww:
Much appreciated! I'm really happy that you like the drawing - Fili's expression was the most important for me to capture, so I'm thrilled you took notice in that part :) :heart: Thank you.
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I love the captured moment you got of those two brothers. Yes, the ' my place is with my brother' scene also went directly to my heart, just as the I see fire, song does.

Gosh you make me want to watch the hobbit  a 3rd time.. <3 Been staring at all kind of hobbit and lotr stuff on youtube and tumblr the last 4 weeks, I feel my geekmode really derped up there xD 
Ahaha, enough with my rambling, great work and nice to see your process in artmaking, still find your style gorgeus <3
TheLupin's avatar
Thank you so much :aww:
The universe of "The Hobbit" and "The Lord Of The Rings" really is something ever so unique and incredible that I can only agree to what you are saying.
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fantastisk flot tegning :D
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I Love this image of them!! They are my two favorite Dwarfs! Were did you get the behind the scenes footage of The Desolation of Smaug? I'd like to see them
TheLupin's avatar
Thank you very much :heart:
It was on the Extented Blue-Ray edition from "An Unexpected Journey" - Most of the behind the screen stuff can be viewed on YouTube :)
Elvish-Designs's avatar
Oh I have teh Extend of Unexpected Journey, I just got it for Christmas and I haven't gotten to the behind the senses stuff yet. I am looking forward to seeing this now. 
TheLupin's avatar
There are over 8 hours of wonderful behind the scenes material, all of it worth a watch (more than once ;))
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