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(wave) it is I, asoldier, been a while.
Glad to see you guys are alive and well
Do you think you may ever have projects on the main site again?

Possibly sometime in the future, but I it is feeling slightly unlikely at this point that we will be doing anything much beyond the Project Aurora releases ( if you haven't already seen them) for the foreseeable future unfortunately. The main site won't go anywhere though, so the art will stay available for browsing (although I think there might be a couple of broken links which I should go check).

And apologies for the slow reply, was a nightmare getting notifications from groups for a long time, but DA's second implementation of the new notification system makes it much easier and so I have just spotted this now.

sorry for my lateness.  Thank you fro allowing me to join Luminarium group.  Cheers
I am not an artist in this group, but I love it. I am constant watcher of this place. :) (Smile)