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:icontheloveroftmi:theloverofTMI posted a status
The coming pieces heavily involve myself and others but on a deeper, psycho analytical level. I will still be involving the body in my final but as a filter for emotions. The plan is to place four different people of separate genders and backgrounds in front of a mirror and question them on their childhood, adolescence and the struggles contained in this. In turn I will be In front of the mirror painting my interpretation of their emotions over there reflection. Sort of like it’s being filtered filter through myself into the painting. The final product will be four A3 images of the final product, four photo sized images of the before product and a film of the process as documentation. This will be filmed and edited by an out source. I’m choosing to do this piece because I struggle to show my own feelings in response to others pain especially though my words. This will be a way to involves myself in this piece and reflect my own emotions into it as well as the participants.

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